Time enough

            How much time do you think it took for the Boston Tea Party or say to write the Declaration of Independence?  For the curious;  “It’s all about time,” in Mike Falnagan’s new book. You would be surprised as I was to learn that The Gettysburg Address only took two minutes to give or that Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream,” speech only took sixteen minutes and one second to present. Heady speeches that influenced how we became who we are today.

            So I have to ask myself, how long does it take, to take over a country; its mind and its people? The new country formerly known as Burma, now Myanmar, seems to be working at a feverish pace to get the job done as quickly as it can. With support from China and one of the most abusive campaigns against human rights we have seen in quite a few years, things seem to be going well.

            Posters about the city encourage the people to follow the following guidelines for the betterment of all the people. To oppose those relying on external elements or who hold negative views; to oppose those trying to jeopardize the stability of the state, and to oppose foreign nations trying to interfere with internal affairs of the state. Additionally all loyal citizens should be seeking  to crush all internal and external destructive elements as enemies of the state as well.  A bit Orwellian but Orwell all the same.

            This is no your country love it or leave it, for there is pretty much no where to go and no way to get there. This is where the state is defined by men in charge, not a country where constitutional rights are the most important thing there is. Buddhist Monks are leading the revolt against the government on these rights issues so as you can expect they have felt the brunt of the states opposition. One quote called this the land, “of unfinished sentences.” In other words speak up against the government and you are gone. People are not happy. But their plight is one of impoverishment and lack of any power to make changes. Short of public protest and outside support rallying to help them, how long do you think this kind of protest is going to last? Much less time than you might think.

            As you read this, you might be thinking to yourself, “Wow, thank goodness that can’t happen here!” Well, sadly it can. In the all fired rush to protect you from the bad guys in the world, our government is checking and rechecking every right you have. Under the guise of the Patriot Act and with the help of a Justice system gone into catatonic stare our rights are in danger at every turn. How long would it take to loose your right to speak on the net like I am doing here? In Myanmar, all they did was pull the plug and the net went blank!

            Oh, yeah the Boston Tea Party took three hours and the Declaration, eighteen days. Now the number of years of oppression and abuse of rights that it took to get the people to have the Party and write the document can be filed under, “time enough.” 

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