Time will tell

                That sums up how we will look back and decide if we did a better job this time in California than we did last time in New Orleans. Actually we couldn’t have do much worse. “You arr doin’ a heck of a job Brownie!” Who will ever forget those words of encouragement about our government being on top of things!

                To bring you up to date, as of Wednesday October 24th over 700,000 people have been asked to get out of the way of the fires. If you didn’t know the yearly  Santa Anna’s are a phenomena that comes to California in the fall with the same regularity fall leaves come to you and I here in Pennsylvania. This time, though, they are coming on fire!  The result of heavy underbrush created by a wetter than usual spring and summer a few years back. Of course it doesn’t help that people there build in canyons, on cliffs, near the ocean and on just about any other particle of land able to hold concrete. Don’t laugh Pittsburghers, we do the same thing. Take a ride around the city and you might think Californians are just frustrated Pittsburghers far from home.

            It is estimated that over 750,000 people have had to flee their homes. That includes both legal and illegals. Many are finding refuge at Qual Com.  Quite a different picture there compared to what we saw in New Orleans. People are coming and going, and food is available and as of last report, all the toilets are working. Plus there are vendors selling things in the lot and kids are being entertained by entertainers while they await word if they can return home.

            Many won’t have homes to return to just like in New Orleans. Many will have to deal with FEMA and many many more are about to find out just how good their insurance really is. Already comparisons are flying left and right on the net that in this case whites are being treated better than blacks of the south. It remains to be seen. Not sure what kind of telethon you have for someone that owns a million dollar house or who lost a Mercedes in the fire? For sure they LA public school districts will not be cut up and closed down and turned into Charter Schools as happened in New Orleans. For sure you wont’ be seeing people loaded up on buses and sent packing either, with just slim promises they can return when their houses get rebuilt.

            One news cast I saw showed migrant, (presumed illegals) afraid to leave a smoke covered fields where they were picking tomatoes. “If we leave we will loose our jobs.” It appears there was a mandatory evacuation for people in houses, but not for those working in the fields. No surprise there!





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