Time to think about what you are holding on too….

There once was an Old Italian man named Tony that lived in Tuscany. He loved it there. But as things do go for us all, one day he had a heart attack and died and as he fell dying he grabbed a piece of the earth and held it in his hand. Upon entering heaven, St Peter said welcome and bid him to enter; but only as soon as he let go of the earth in his hand. Tony refused. He would not let the land he loved so much go. And so Saint Peter told him that he must stay outside the gates of Heaven and that he could not look inside or enter Heaven, until he did. Not long there after Tony’s wife came along. “Come with me Tony,” but Tony refused to let go of the land he loved. His children one by one came along eventually and all begged their father to join them.  Still, Tony would not let go of the land he loved. Finally his granddaughter came along and asked him to join her. Now if there was anything that Tony loved more than Tuscany it was this granddaughter. So Tony let go of the land in his hand; and entered heaven with her. And when he did, and passed through the gates of Heaven, much to his surprise, Tony found Tuscany………


………………………..have a great weekend and thanks Fr. Scott for the story.

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