Time at the tap

            We Americans have in the last several years, gotten into the habit of turning away from our taps for drinking water. Convinced by pretty pictures of pure clear mountain lakes and posed idyllic standing deer stags, we have come to believe that this water is better than that which we can draw from the tap.  

             I’m not sure who we should point the finger at for getting us to buy our water in stores were the markup can run anywhere from 200 to 1000 percent. I have certainly drank my share of them. Figures gleaned by an advertising agency in 2004 tell us the average American drinks 24 gallons of bottle water a year. Recent news articles about what we have been paying such high prices for have left many of us less than amused however.

            Two of the most popular waters, have some pretty common sources. “Aquafina,” is bottled at Pepsi plants using processed municipal water. That is tap water by the way. Dasani is processed municipal water with added minerals, and sold by the competition. A recent trip to the grocery store provided me with no less than seven choices of bottled water. All supposedly better water than that which I have at home on tap!

            Municipal water supplies are strictly covered by FDA rules, and are constantly tested for purity and safeness, but that is not the case for bottled water. Water you would think is held to the same standards no matter in where it comes from; wrong! Standards like pirate rules are considered more or less guidelines, when it comes to bottle waters, as long as they are packaged and sold in the same state. Thanks to this loophole bottled waters have been found to contain bacteria, organic chemicals and even amounts of arsenic! 

             If in our, “ we want to all go green world,” we realize that to bottle all that water we will need to create around  1.5 million tons of plastic, maybe just maybe we should be rethinking getting a bit more water from the tap!

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