Time Ahead

            I spend a lot of time with the elderly. And over the years when I ask people what their biggest fear of getting old is, they tell me without skipping a beat, it’s the fear of losing control. You might think dying or ill health would be number one, but no the one they fear more than anything, is loss of control. Not so much of their minds, but in where they can live, and when they can come and go.

            The current trend of public-private-partnerships should have us all raising an eyebrow or two because at the base of every one of these government corporate unisons, is the issue of control. A control issue you can’t afford to loose. Unfortunately it appears most of America is asleep on the couch. More concerned with who is winning Sundays football games and getting to Soccer practice on time in the week ahead, than they are with what is going on in their government.

            Not just their government in Washington, but in their local municipalities. How many of you voted last week? And for those of you who did, how many really knew who was running for judge and council and to fill county commissioner posts? The local election periods are often dismissed by many of us as not being important. When I fact they are more important that any we will ever participate in.

            But given their low key, low budgeted, sign in the yard or intersection campaigns, we dismiss them. Not fully appreciating what good or bad could happen to us as the result of these elected officials exercising their political duty. The people elected to these positions will determine your taxation; when and where your children will go to school, and more importantly, what the meaning of public participation will have on your life. It really is hard to get upset when you loose your right to determine who will be providing your water, electric and county services when you didn’t vote.  

            You’re probably saying, “Geez Louise now is a fine time to be telling me this. The election is over!” Well actually I’m telling you it now, because the election has just begun. You have two years now to get up to speed on who you will be voting for. You have two years to find out what is going on? It is not going to be easy.

            Public meetings are becoming less and less public. Councils have the ability to limit you amount of participation at them. And just let something of importance come up and you will see just how important your continuing being out of the picture is.

            The next few posts are going to look at rights, won and lost here in America, and the world. It’s not a pretty picture. We will travel to the Tsunami disaster areas, and to communities fighting to have their say so. Some communities are fighting for I, me, mine, conservatism and winning. Others are fighting just to survive to live where they have lived for hundreds of years and loosing. 

………………………………to be continued….

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