Time to outsource

            I always have a tendency to appear anti corporate when I start talking about corporations taking over the duties and tasks of government. Some might say, its time to get over it and accept it as the way it is going to be from now on. Others might not agree

            The current trend in outsourcing every need our government has is a good reason not to be, “getting over it!” The conservative administrations over the last twenty five years have hired contractors like no other administrations before them; cost benefit analysis stuff that goes out the window when it operates on a no bid process. There was no eight year hiatus when Democrats where in the White House either; least we forget the Clinton Administrations support of private companies to burn all of our hazardous wastes!  

            If you didn’t know, we currently outsource just about every aspect of the war in Iraq. We need billions to pay contractors. As Congress balks at the cost of this war, their first stop should be at the GAO, and to start looking over the hundreds of no-bid contracts we have outsourced ourselves into as of late. Not haggling over whether or not this funding is going to the troops which in actuality are probably less than many of us would think.

            The bulk of that money is for the contractors. The protection for diplomats is outsourced. The food service is outsourced. Security is outsourced. The hospital care is outsourced; the rebuilding of everything from our embassy to barracks is outsourced. The rebuilding of Iraq is outsourced. Outsourced with tax dollars that not only help to build and take care of what it was initially contracted for, but also to help build the infrastructure of the companies doing the work. We should be sending accountants to Iraq, not troops! To add insult to injury, Naomi Klein, in her book, “The Shock Doctrine” so aptly puts it, “we are building the infrastructure of companies with our tax dollars.”

            Now you might say corporations have always supplied war material for us. And true, from the civil war on, private industry has made millions building the tanks and armoires of war. But in today’s world in many cases once the job is done, they own the equipment. Not the government. Which in turn means that when we go to war next time, we will have to buy new or hire the old companies back? Klein also points out that a large amount of what we pay these companies in contract fees eventually comes back to any administration in power in the form of political contributions. So don’t look for the circle to be unbroken any time soon.     

            In his book, “When corporations rule the world,” David Korten envisions a world where nothing is done with out the permission and grace of the corporations. He cautions us that when that happens, the line in the sand between corporation’s rights and individuals rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness begin to get pretty blurred, and from where I sit, I can see that line getting dimmer and dimmer and dimmer all the time.


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