Time to loose

             Having just celebrated Veterans Day, I am sure you heard more than once about the indebtedness you should feel for those who have gone before us and fought for our rights. We also have a duty to do the same, if we see a challenge to our way of life. Too many of us however, think those challenges only come in the form of war or terrorism. Forgetting that our rights are not carved in stone and are only as good as the laws that are set up to protect them. Civil rights, property rights, ownership rights and out rights as citizens are constantly under attack. Not only from outside, but from with in.

            Ask anyone who had gotten in the way of what some people call progress and others justifiably call land grabbing. Eminent Domain, can take away your right to own a piece of property fast. Dam and road projects are great for that. When others need water, don’t be in their way of their getting it.

            Our war on terror has changed the way our country views not only the rest of the world, but our own freedoms as well. We tend to look at all outsiders as threats, and in seeking to protect ourselves against them have sadly given away very important rights without so much of a raised eyebrow. A computer program somewhere will pick this post up because it has key words in it. Should I upset someone, they could easily take me away and you wouldn’t know what happened to me because the new laws say they don’t have to tell you! Those kinds of laws just seem to appear. There was no public debate on it. By the way they whoever they is these days, have they right to do that since we lost our right of habeas corpus. What took over two hundred years to get, took less that three to lose!

              I recently received an e-mail to join a group in San Francisco to discuss their battle to keep their rights. The e-mail stated the following’ “…With Mayor Newsom trying to give away the city’s wi-fi space to a corporate consortium, efforts by Bechtel and other private contractors to take over our public water system, the ongoing scandal of PG&E selling us our own “public” power and their current efforts to take over alternative power, incessant pressure to privatize the public schools, a national culture that blindly accepts corporate interests as preferable to public interests.”

             So you see, be it San Francisco or here in Pennsylvania  knowing what is going on in your own neighborhood is very much a part of defending your rights. Don’t be shy. You have everything to loose, and almost nothing to gain by sitting there.


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