First Time

            By nature of its definition you can only have one, first time. There are no do-overs in our world of time. There is no, “let me try that again and still call it a first time. That in part I guess is what makes, the first time unique, singular and special.  

            Can you imagine a world of first times, where every time is the first time? For sure, there is no memory in that world. We try every task with a fresh zeal and adventure, because the next time we try to do whatever it was, it will be the first time again! Changes the way we would look at failure for sure. Every person you meet would greet you with their best foot forward, and a smile on their face. We all like to make a good first impression, don’t we?

             There are no grudges nor are their any preconceived notions that this or that could go bad or good for that matter. The whole world ahead of you is an innocent world. You expectations would all stem from your own, distinctly, “you”  human nature. Some of us are naturally optimistic; some of us are pessimist, so the tone of your day is already set when the feet hit the floor, first time or not. Will life be a rewarding experience, or do you think it will be a disappointment?

            Hopefully you would be the type of person, who greeted each morning with awe and amazement. Considering the first thing you are going to see is your face in a mirror! Dam we are looking good! As you ate the best tasting bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs in the world you would watch the news with both eyes open and perhaps a twinge or two of fear. You never felt that before.

            Arriving at work you would be nervous, yet greet all there with a smile and a determination to do the best you could do. Even though you might not have a clue how to do what it is everyone there is expecting you to do.  By lunch you might be looking for a friend, and there sitting by themselves you see someone and introduce yourself, and make a friend for life.   After a day full of surprises, you head home with tales of the most amazing day. Then as you hear everyone else’s stories of the first time – for the first time, your jaw drops that so many things could have happened to all of you. You finally go to sleep after spending hours staring at a sky full of stars, you really see for the first time.

             Our world of over and overs, seems to loose something when we think about a world of first times. Kind of makes you want to go out, and do something for the first time. Sad, you can only do it once!  


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