Time for Black Friday in the virtual world

           Hard as it may be to understand, as we call become more and more virtual we are also becoming more and more vulnerable. It’s amazing some of the things people are doing on line that they would never do at the local Mall. Kind of like wiring a hot tub with the electricity on; you can see all this fun you are going to have, yet maybe, just maybe might get a little careless. And it could cost you big time.

             I’m sure you would never knowingly give a complete stranger your bank account information, home address, phone number, work history and personal credit information. But, before you say I would never do that; that is what you are doing when you buy on line and use your credit card? Granted, we all look for that little lock sign on the bottom of the screen, but sometimes in haste, we move too fast and puff the information is gone. The internet is world wide. That is why they call it  The World Wide Web! In instant information is out there and forever it stays. Remember that. Using a special credit card just for online purchases may be the best thing you ever did!

             And sometimes people break into companies and just have a field day stealing your information. CBS all this week is running stories on how our children openly post personal information on sites like my space, about themselves and sometimes about unknowingly their families.

            Age, education and sex, all determine how we behave when we step into the virtual world. The younger you are, the safer you feel there. Given that generation openness to chat and cat and tell their friends about their lives; the virtual world is almost like utopia. You can find someone to talk to twenty four seven on any subject you may be interested in. The older you are the slower you are to move around in it. The fear of breaking things, because you appreciate the value of them, will hold you back.

            We all have to remember the, ye’ old adage, buyer beware is just as true in the virtual world as it is in the real world. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is and you can pretty much count on it in the virtual world. Yes, experience is the best teacher but sadly few of us have any real experience in the virtual world regardless of how savvy we think we are.

            So as you sit there with your cup of coffee at your side avoiding the lines today, just be careful, you don’t end up buying a lot more, than you bargained for.


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