Time to spin the Tea Party

              It’s Monday and as I sit here surveying my desk and the computer screen before me I consider my self lucky to have survived Black Friday, and am in awe that it is now Black Monday! Don’t tell me they have spinned another day into a holiday! Sweeetus day comes to mind! I had no idea what Black Monday was?  Turns out; it is the day when everyone orders on line. Why would you wait till today? By the way according to CNN 500 million dollars worth of stuff will be bought on line today, but what is the more important statistic is that over 700 million dollars will be lost in manpower hours while employees at work shop instead of do their work! Ouch.

             On another corner of the desk I see a request to join a Tea Party. Now I remember those fondly. My daughter and I use to have them in the front yard of our old house before the hazardous waste incinerator came to town. But no, this one is calling on me to support Ron Paul by sending in a donation on a special day and time. Another special holiday, no doubt, to support candidates on line? Accordingly the Tea Party will raise a lot of money for a campaign that is having trouble raising funds from corporate sources? Not sure, but I did some research and it seems his major demographic is white males age forty to mid fifties. Now I know why I go it.


            Anyway, the mention of Tea Party reminded me of something I had read recently on the happenings of that night back on December 16th, 1773. Turns out the event was a bit more that ten or fifteen guys boarding a ship in the harbor and throwing some tea overboard to protest unfair taxes. It has become such a part of the fabric of what it is to be American that we have tended to overlook some of the details of the event. According to Ted Nace, in “Gangs of America’, there were over one hundred and fifty men of all backgrounds involved in the event and looking like Indians was the least of their concerns. They destroyed something like ninety thousand pounds of it; an entire ship holds worth. All in response to the East India Companies attempt to sell tea in America exclusively at the cost of local merchants. 

            The fight among sole proprietors and the world’s biggest corporation at the time is credited with starting the Revolutionary War. Although, market share and freedom to sell was overlooked in all that stuff about taxes and rights! So Black Friday, Black Monday  it would seem are more in tune with what the Tea Party was all about, than raising funds for political candidates. But then again, once you get something spinning, no telling what it will look like a couple hundred years down the road!

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