Time since when

              Most of us will never get to be an elected official of any kind. So understanding what it takes to get elected is an adventure we probably will never have to endure. Selling our moral souls for the nickel and the dime needed to make pretty pictures on the TV of our lives, is a job we won’t be applying for any time soon.

            Other than local politics where I whole heartedly support you getting involved, what we see in magazines, newspapers and on television are not reports from my world, but from what almost seems; an imaginary one. As in tonight where I learned Oprah is backing O’bama. Duh! Or that Bill is backing Hillary! Duh! What difference will that make in the price of gas or with immigration issues? Not any to me even if they both get elected!

             In a recent magazine article in the New Yorker, I read an interview with O’bama where he supposes to know what you and I are looking for in a candidate. “The public is looking for someone who will level with them…even when times are hard….they value honesty…candor…. and straightforwardness…” Amazingly, it seems we need to resurrect Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A good fire side chat and we can all go to bed and feel dam good things are so bad, but still go to work whistling in the morning.

            I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any fire side chats. I’ve had enough “mission accomplished speeches, from the decks of Aircraft Carriers!”  I want a candidate to admit they wouldn’t be able to get the job if big money wasn’t there to buy them TV and Face time. I need to hear them say, that they ate 500 pancake breakfasts at a thousand American legions, just so they could with a straight face, push corporations XYZ’s tax payments to record level lows. And to admit they did it so, that the workers there would be able to continue working for minimum wage and no health care but still be blessed with a job!

            No I need a candidate elect who will look me in the eye, and without a smile, admit that, “No one in their right mind would want a job like this.” There is no coolness factor to having your life torn apart by a thousand prying eyes looking to make a press deadline. Nor to become the object of the feeding frenzy of the opposite parties press releases for the next four years.

             We need a candidate, not afraid to tell the world he was elected by the people of the United States, to be an American President not one who is the product of focus groups or the head man for the money that got him there. The headline in today’s paper says Musharraf is taking off his uniform and will soon be a representative of the people, not the military. To those in the know, that is a going to be a pretty hard sell. Seems he knows a lot more about American politics than we give him credit for.

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