Time in denial

            Sometimes the desire to hear some good news is so strong, that even what would have passed as bad news not that long ago is suddenly viewed as good. It makes you wonder if your mental capacities are changing or if you’re just getting it all wrong?

             From where the average citizens sits; the foreclosure crisis, the ever increasing debt, the war, our massive outsourcing of jobs and closing of factories here in America and the general decline of the value of the dollar should quite frankly have us in a recession if not severely depressed! Yet the major networks of this country are owned by just a handful of major corporations and while that shouldn’t make a difference you might say, it definitely does. According to the fantasy news work, things are tough, but we will get through this!

            On so many fronts, America is on the verge of serious trouble. Some news articles report that Americans are carrying a 110% debt ratio. In laymen’s terms that means a lot of us owe more than we are worth. Gad zooks, shades of a George Bailey Christmas on the horizon. “I wish I had never been allowed to borrow,” may be the cry of many this January. Yet the surge is working and that is great news or is it? Democrats against the war don’t know what to do, while Republicans know the only reason things have quieted down is because the factors in this civil war are taking a break to see what happens here in the USA.  To look at both sides one suddenly thinks of Alfred E Newman, “What, me worry?”

            As you sit and watch all that is going on this holiday, season, it might not be a bad idea to remember the Aesop Fable of the grasshopper and ant, and think about putting a little away for a rainy day. From where I sit, it’s looking pretty dark out there. And given the fact that there is an election year on the horizon, we are all in for a good dose of, “how good things are – vote for me politics” from one side, and “how better they are going to get if you elect me from the other!”


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