Time in time-out

             Well there they were; egg all over their faces again. No WMD’s in Iraq and an Iran without a nuclear bomb program, just like it had been saying all along.  Confirmed by third party sources, including our own covert team of spies and intelegencia’ who report; “yep they shut the program down years ago!” Don’t expect anyone in the White House or the group of Corporate CEO’nistas who truly run our country, to bandy up to the podium with an, ” oops we were wrong.” No the brains for mass deception, will get no time-out either, they will just have to find some other way to get their corporate charges more work.

             Not going to dignify this latest round of war mongering with a posting of the, “you tube sites” showing our commander and chief as late as three weeks ago calling for all out attacks to stop the terrorist in Iran from bombing us. Nor will I post presidential candidates, telling us the same. Nope, not going to do it, to paraphrase something I use to hear a lot, “That would not be prudent!”

            No, all I want to say is how much longer do these guys have to go before someone says enough is enough! If you stop and think, from the moment they got into power, their philosophy of I, me, mine conservatism has taken us on a long and perilous ride to disparity. Sure 911 was as bad if not worse than any of us could have imagined. But are we any safer today than we were before it?  Despite billions of dollars spent on security, the creation of no fly lists, the building of walls built on borders and the creation of an entire federal bureaucracy to look at our carry on luggage? Not really. But to be sure, you and I have lost quite a few of our rights along the way.

            You can partially blame that on us being kept scared to death by the steady dose of fearful media owned and operated by the same people who benefit from us being at war. Don’t kid yourself, one corporation owns another corporation, and in today’s world, true sole ownership of anything anymore is a myth!

            One thing you can be sure of though is that while we were looking to protect ourselves from, “those outsiders,” as they have been dubbed, an ever bigger assault was being carried off, right under our noses. The government agencies that used to protect us in emergencies and who monitored our food, drugs, air and water have been outsourced. All left mere shells of their former selves; all in the name of efficiency. This administration has outsourced just about every agency going. Reduced government and sent the budgets thru the roof. What use to be public works, is now corporate works and when government and corporations combine for the benefit of all; its time for the “F” word. No not that one, the other one, Fascism. No necessarily a recipe for success in any five year plan.

            So say what you will about who has been the biggest threat to us over the last seven years, from where I sit, it has been from the inside of the fence, not the outside and given their history, it could get a lot worse before it gets better.


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