Time in Jeopardy

           Most of you I am sure can hum the theme song of this popular show, with out so much as a hint. We all have heard it a zillion times. We all know that when it is playing, the clock is ticking. You only have so much time, to come up with the right answer to a question in a category you have had to ponder for only a minute and teh game is based on you wagering all that you have in hopes  that you can get the right answer. Sometimes you win big; other times you loose it all. Imagine a world where time is always in jeopardy. It shouldn’t be that hard to do, you are living in it!

            In a world where time is in jeopardy there are no guarantees. No faith in that what you decide to do today will turn out to be the right thing to have done when you look back on it, say several years from now. Just about everything you do is a leap of faith. Welcome to our world. Hundreds will not finish this day who expected too. Others will use this day to achieve the greatest of achievements by choosing right, and others by choosing wrong. In case you’re wondering, in a world where time is always in jeopardy, everyday is a good day for a news years resolution!

             All of this came really came home to me, while watching a movie trailer this past weekend. The movie is called “Charlie Wilson’s War!” Seems this congressman from Texas, with out the knowledge of just about everyone managed to secure and transfer weapons to the Afghanistan freedom fighters. I had never heard of it before until I saw the movie trailer and my first thought was; oh an Ollie North that got away with it! Yet this fellow who is still alive and eagerly anticipating the release of the film can be credited with initiating the initial support that chased out the Russians and gave the country back to its people. There are high hopes for this movie since we movie patrons have been avoiding movies about war as of late; especially the current ones. Even the ones that point us out as the bad guys aren’t doing very well.

             But this movie is different. Add a little comedy, and a fine cast of Oscar winning actors, plus a great script with a fine screen play and bingo, you have got box-office. Add to it, that in 1980’s cold war reality, we truly are the good guys, and you may just have a hit.  To see the covert action by the congressman and some folk’s on the inside successfully helping send the Russians a packing just may be worth the eight fifty for a ticket. It’s got to be better news than what we have been hearing as of late.

             Of course as you leave the theater with that feel good feeling you get seeing the good ol’ US of A, doing what seems to be the right thing, don’t forget that we live in a world where time is truly in jeopardy. Who knew those same fighters would go on to become the bad guys that would give us 911!



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