Time like night and day

             According to John Kerry the difference between environmental talks now and what they will be when Democrats get into power; will be like “night and day!”  Mr. Kerry recently spoke in Bali, where leaders from around the world have arrived to set goals, make pledges and sign non binding contracts to do something about the air you and I breathe.            If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high on what he said. For while we can all hope the carbon burning nations will come to their senses, and the air will bet better, no matter who gets elected, history tells us it will be business as usual. Nothing is assured, regardless of which side gets into office. Democrat and Republican candidates both at this point are saying exactly what candidates say; whatever it takes to get elected. The Republican that can sound the most religiously minded, pro business, anti immigration granting, aware but yet not ready to care environmentalist; is yet to show their face. The Democrat that is  pro working man, religious yet respectful, of the fact separation of church and state does actually exist and pro green enough to the point where it won’t hurt the bottom line too much, has yet to be unveiled either.             Saber rattling at these types of conferences is more for sound bite getting on the evening news back home and to assure each side’s army of pledged supporters that no change of course is expected. It has little to do with what will happen when they get into office. Least we forget conservatively oriented Richard Nixon who turned out to be one of the most liberally minded Presidents we have ever had and that under his watch we got the Clean Air Act, which  business has been fighting to do away with ever since.            If we really want to know what a candidate will do, we need to know who they will be doing it with. Who are they going to put into their cabinet? Are they picking from both sides of the aisle or are we looking at four years of you guys versus them? What will they be looking for in Supreme Court judge? Don’t think that matters? Think again and again about the assault currently being waged against your personal freedoms and that corporations who do business in this country do it only according to what the court rules?              What about government and outsourcing? For years we have been whittling away at the bureaucracy we boomers grew to hate. And quite frankly, for all we have done in reducing government, we have come to find we just replaced appointed staff with corporate boardroom hires; that is the bottom-line accomplishment of outsourcing!              In an era where it has been drummed into our heads how bad bureaucracy is and how poorly of a job they have been doing we find ourselves in dire straights. Our food is barely inspected, imports leaded, and our emergency relief efforts about to be taken over by Wal Mart! FEMA, FDIC, and the FDA are mere shadows of themselves and what we thought we once had control of now; we have to be stockholders to be part of.            Night and Day? Yes, he has a point. The next government in many ways will be night and day different; not so much from the one that precedes it  but by what you and I think government is suppose to look like, act like, and be like. And that you can take to the bank!                 


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