Time in despair

     Two things you can count on; nothing speeds time up faster than looking back and nothing slows it down faster than anticipating an event in the future you feel is a waste of your time. In thinking about the upcoming global environmental talks the Bush administration wants to have in Hawaii in January you can almost feel the clock stop! I mean after all, one can only feel ones self doing a double take; didn’t we just not do this?    If you have been watching the nightly news while wrapping up your presents this week, you have undoubtedly had your fill of the talks. Just kidding, they barley mentioned them. Do they know real news worthy issues or not? They do if you count the twenty seven seconds of prime time news I got to see featuring the Bush’s terrier dogs scampering around the White House. Just what I needed to get me into the Christmas spirit. Yeah, Barney cam!          

    But let me return to Bali if I may. Fresh from receiving the Nobel Prize, Al Gore told the delegations, not to get all upset with the foot dragging, whistling, and looking out the window attitude of the current administration. He also assured everyone that things would be changing soon once the elections were held and the Dem’s get back in. I hope so because, Fred Thomson recently made the comment that, really all the scientific studies aren’t in yet, so let’s not get carried away on an issue we need to learn more about.         

     Accordingly, Mr. Bush and the boys have poo ha- ha’d, the whole conference with their lets not get too carried away making promises none of us are ever going to keep. Besides, China and India aren’t exactly leading the charge to cut carbon emissions in their countries either, so let’s think about this for awhile. Yet they both did sign Kyoto and then do their own thing unlike the USA who skipped the signing ceremony.            

     So the current American Administration is inviting the world to Hawaii next year for a business conference to better address the issues. Not a bad idea, if the world wasn’t already at a conference to address the issues. Must be the accommodations in Bali aren’t as good as the ones in Hawaii! Please. Or maybe the idea of hundreds of delegates exuding a couple hundred tons of carbon getting there is the goal?          

  Not sure. Either way, one can only look to the past and admire how anything ever got done. Because looking to the future gives us anything but hope with these guys in control. There was a time when the common good of all was justification enough to bite the bullet and take a hit economically. I guess it all boils down to what your values truly are, and as we can see, they have noting to do with the health or the well being of the American family, if business is involved. Who would a thunk!


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