Time at # 1 & # 2

           Do you remember the advertising slogan a few years back by Avis? “ We try harder?” The company found itself as the number two car rental company. Seems being number two in any category never sits right with us Americans. But in some areas it looks as if we had better get use to it, or like AVIS, “try harder.”            

     I speak of the fact that last Friday when we lost our place as the number one donor to the World Bank! Don’t let the word “donor,” throw you off. He, who lends to this bank, makes a very good rate of return on their investment. But what does it all mean to you and me? After all we hand pick the President of the World Bank and for years most of the corporations and banks that sustained the World Bank were here in the USA. At least they use to be! All that aside, it means that our money isn’t worth as much as we thought it was no matter how important we think we are!      

   In a fist fight at the World Bank, the once meek and unsupported EURO is kicking our American Dollars butt. Should you be concerned? Yes and no:             

    Yes if you are planning a trip to Europe or just about anywhere else in the world where they don’t use the American dollar. You are safe if you go to Iraq though, we are flooding that place with money; American money. A cup of coffee might soon cost you a house payment in France, but in Baghdad you should be okay!      

     No, if you have something to sell and you can get it on E-bay! Europeans are buying America like there was a fire sale going on. Here in Pittsburgh a Spanish company just bought our biggest amusement part. My Utility is owned by a British company and the glass of water I am drinking has German Ownership attached to it.          

    How did this happen? Well in an effort to increase imports some people, and I won’t name any names appear to have let the value of the dollar slip a tad. Unfortunately these things have a way of getting out of hand real quick. Thank goodness we have trained corporate economist, working hand in hand with our government so things don’t get too far out of whack. Yeah right!       

     But there is good news in the number two department in one area; we are now the number two carbon emissions emitter in the world! But before you go patting yourself on the back for going green to help; we only became number two because China doesn’t really care about emissions and is burning coal like it was there job!          

   Oh and one other thing to get you started this Monday, we are still the number one country in the world with people in prison! I don’t think we are going to loose that designation, any time soon. We actually have more people in jail than we have farmers in this country! I guess if we are going to have to try harder, we are going to have to do it with fewer people!           


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