Time for a holiday treat

            This past week as fresh aromas of holiday cooking spread through the house, I had the chance to take a nap between games and I must admit, I had the strangest of dreams. A dream where some of the Presidential Candidates showed up at my house with their special holiday recipes and baskets of cheer; and to the best of my memory it went something like this.

            The Dems and Hillary showed up first, didn’t even knock at the door, and just walked right into the house. Hillary had this flat dough bread cake that smelled delicious at first but after a few tastes I realized she had put way too much powdered sugar on top. Have to learn a little goes a long way with her! Barrack had a Quanza recipe that looked tantalizing but it consisted mainly of cranberries and nuts; great for flushing the system, if I needed to, but good lord who wants to worry about that this time of year. John Edwards came in third, and brought his own homemade brand of fruit cake and while I wanted to like it, it tasted a bit like something he made four years ago. And that Dennis Kucinich hit the biggest home run ever with his snow topped mini holiday cupcakes; made from shortening bread!

            The Repubs were right behind them; and I had to chuckle, Richardson was dressed as Santa, and brought a great taco mix with a super holiday salsa spread I couldn’t wait to try. Must admit once the party got started, that stuff had everyone talking, but unfortunately it went right though all those that ate it, if you know what I mean! Giuliani brought candy corn. Not sure what he expected us to do with that? We have all had it before and it wasn’t much of a holiday offering unless you’re into Halloween year round. Lewis Black says, it’s not candy and it’s not corn, its forever! Yeah, Rudy!

              Fred Thompson showed up with some peanut butter cookies he made topped with icing he got at the local seven eleven. Don’t think he wanted to be bothered with the whole thing, but he gets credit for the effort, regardless of how little it was. John McCain took the cake. No literally took the cake that Joe Bidden brought. Said he needed it for a snack later on the bus, since money was a bit tight they weren’t   making a lot of stops these days.

            Huckabee and Ron Paul had to have brought the best eats though. Huckabee brought a low cal Gingerbread cookie on a stick; that was just delicious, as long as you didn’t ask too many questions about the ingredients. Ron Paul surprised us all with a Spiced kissed Pumpkin Pie. It was so sweet you barely could stand it, let alone eat more than one piece. 

             All in all, many calories were gained by all in attendance; which just goes to show you that when you’re with these folks, a little goes a long way!!



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