Time for Christmas

      You would think that with Christmas taking off like a three legged relay race somewhere between Labor Day and Halloween that finally crossing finish line would mean the race is over and we can relax. Not quite yet.            

        It could be argued that the most stressful day of the year is not April 15th; but Dec 25th. No day of the year presents us, (no pun intended) with more opportunities to be stressed out more. You either spent too little or you spent too much. You either hit a home run or you missed the ball completely. Or you had your expectations fulfilled or you had them crushed when you saw a Hallmark card and asked yourself; why can’t my family like that?               Add to the commercial feeding frenzy a healthy dose of seldom seen relatives who still think you are ten, and you’re cooking up a recipe for two Excedrin. Why is it that we are so surprised that we feel good about ourselves three hundred and sixty four days a year but that after two hours with once a year relatives, we are so stressed out?   

          Cause its Christmas time, when sadly we get caught up in the hype that all we have to do to be happy; is to buy it. When like the presents so nicely packaged, we think our lives should be the same. The underlying advertisement of every commercial is that if we buy it, happiness will come. So, when that warm and fuzzy weather front meets the cold reality of, “I don’t like what you bought or got me,” our disappointment turns to stress. So take a deep breath and think about this for a minute.     

        Martha Stewarts has a staff of 100 working for her; you got two hours to wrap the presents, bake the cake and fix your hair! A rum-pa-pa-pump!! If most companies don’t sell a specific amount during this holiday season, a lot of people will loose their jobs; its do or die for them. You never had a chance. We all volunteer taking a turn at being the Christmas Piñata from time to time, but we all need to remember that life is not about the passage of other people’s time, need to make a profit, or happiness; but about the passage of time as it relates to us,        

    This may be the time when giving to others is suppose to make us the happiness, but it is also a time of year when we all get a chance to take a deep breath and I don’t mean fatal last gasp. Christmas time is a respective time, when we sit down and calmly take a look at ourselves, our lives and those around us. And to do it with the wave of our hand, not an electron microscope, okay. A time to take a look at how well you survived the year, giving yourself points for surviving it number one, enjoying the good and the bad number two and for learning from what you experienced. You get to wrap the year up in a bouquet or discard it for what it was worth; your call, because no matter how bad, you accomplished another year of being here. You touched someone in no way anyone else on earth could have. And most of all, you found out in your own way, what it was meant to be blessed.  

        Yeah its Christmas time!   


One thought on “Time for Christmas

  1. Allison

    Interesting post. This is the first year we have had DVR, therefore, I have been completely sheltered from commercials. The downside is that I miss all movie previews (does that matter? I have a toddler…my theater days are on hold), but the upside is that I completely miss out on the commercials. I haven’t missed the marketing attempts to make me want something I don’t need (does anybody need a sandwich maker?) Keep it simple!

    BTW, I’m a CPA and I have to disagree with Christmas being more stressful than April 15th :-).

    …I guess I would have to make an exception regarding the stress for a CPA! Just don’t miss the super bowl commericials!!Have a great Holiday…geo

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