Time of Inconsistencies

            The saying, “selling like hotcakes,” comes from the 1930’s implying that what ever it is that is causing buyers interest to flare, it can be most attributed to the fact that the price is so low. You don’t usually think of banks loaded with debt as being prime candidates for investment; but that is not the case today!           

            So inquiring minds shouldn’t have been too surprised by the recent news that Morgan Stanley, one of our largest banks and investment firms, had sold out a big piece of its financial soul to the Chinese. That it got barely got a sound bite, in the news on the other hand, you could wonder about?            

            Anyone see a pattern here. Just last week, an Abu Dhabi fund group bought a big stake in Citi Bank and now Morgan Stanley does the same. Instead of going with the oil money though, they secured support from the coal burner and lead toy makers and of course don’t forget: the communist! Oops, sorry it is not PC anymore to refer to them that way, for fear we may drive them back into their pre-commercial days. Kind of hard to look the other way on this one; especially if your son or daughter is out somewhere in the world fighting the forces of darkness and evil and suddenly the paper that is your mortgage is owned by the very folks trying to do them in!      

            But wait their may be a silver lining in this cloud! Friedman in his book, “The World is flat,” makes a reference to the then problems between India and Pakistan. Each at the time was on the verge of going nuclear on each other. Luckily for us, they figured it out on their own. What was the major impetus in bringing them together? The fact that neither could afford to carry out their most basic wishes of doing away with the other for fear of disrupting economic ties with the rest of the world. 

             It seems global corporations that could care less about democracy or world rights do very much care about the status quo of making money and were not the least bit hesitant of letting either country know confrontation of this nature would be a serious issue. All though many of you that called over Christmas for help putting widgets together or needed help with a computer problem might disagree.    

             As the world gets smaller and companies that own this and that slowly expand beyond their own national boundaries, we might just back ourselves into an era of world peace, like we have never known. I mean after all, it is one thing to make a jet airplane for a countries army, but if you also have factories in the country that the buyer wants to attack, a few phone calls from a boardroom and some hot tempers might be allayed.       

            It’s a consequence that I dare say few anticipated and may well be that of our future once corporations truly come into their own.


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