Time to caucus

            So let me get this straight. It is the eve of the caucuses and the candidates are in a dead heat? Excuse me, a dead heat?

            Granted this race has been going on now for the last ten months in earnest. Every night the news has given us a tidbit. Offered us political comment and at times, bumped one or two of our favorite television shows for that special announcement or debate.

            Anyone who is anyone has had the chance to throw their hat into the ring, and some that have, have wisely pulled theirs out. Others who have run before are running again as if the last time wasn’t punishment enough. Others who have always thought about running are now in the race as well. Most have political credentials and some just have been around long enough to seem like they do. And some who don’t stand a chance of getting the nomination let alone public support are standing there as well. All together they make a fine portrait of what wealth and privilege mean in this country.

            But in this first round of voting, it all boils down to a group of people gathering in various living rooms and pretty much taking a poll to see who the group collectively likes best. They in turn call into their particular official and register the group’s votes. I.E. you have a caucus; granted not the most reflective way of showing the consensus of the American people but reflective none the less. People who tend to live in Iowa I am sure are a friendly bunch but lets face it, how do I get my two cents in if I don’t get invited to a caucus?

            Anyway, the race is in a dead heat? I would prefer to think that it hasn’t even started yet. Oh and by the way, I just heard that candidates are offering Iowans snow shovels and babysitters to get anyone to their respective caucus. Not sure but that sounds strangely of buying someone a drink so they can make it to the polling place!

            There will have to be a survey done after the vote to see who bought the most shovels. Given the fact that these candidates have been shoveling it pretty good since the campaigns started, there should be no shortage of shovels to pass around!    

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