Time to defer

            Nothing can get you feeling better about the future than the coming of a new year. It’s almost like a honeymoon where, everything gets the benefit of the doubt and if you’re smart you defer more than demand.  Eventually before long though, the honeymoon is over, and it’s back to work. The first pot to fly off the stove of our new marriage in 2008 came off last night. The caucuses are finally over.

            How does one spend fifteen to say twenty million dollars and come up without a victory? Ask yourself that and you begin to wonder about the motivations behind our American political system. Millions upon millions of dollars spent on advertising and the guy who probably spent less than most, won! Is he a better candidate? Is he selling something new that we all just had to have, or is there more?

            No, it is pretty matter of fact actually. His followers came out in mass to support him. Those followers of a certain particularly religious persuasion all cast their support toward him and he won. Now granted, in our system that is the way it is suppose to be. The, “by the people,” thing occasionally even here in America, seems to bite even us on the butt from time to time. Granted, the other winner brought out his, “constituency,”as well! From what I am seeing his group is composed of people looking for change and quite youthful. The older we get, the more cynical we are, so we tended to support the more moderate of the bunch but it would appear not in mass.  

            Reading between the lines a bit, you might wonder what the man representing the, “rather well to do,” and “the pro corporately inclined,” did. Not to worry, he won and he lost.  A prominent DC attorney once told me the best way to win any bet is to wager on both sides. Supreme Court justices are in place that supports corporations rights over people rights and most legislators have been lobbied to where their votes to the proper agendas are pretty secured. In other words, regardless of who gets elected, making major changes in our system aren’t going to happen overnight!

            Depressing I know, but it is the New Year and like hope that springs eternally maybe just maybe we will get lucky and from the ultimate winner change will come. Change that means our troops come home, our mortgage and money crisis will be addressed, and that we find health insurance that won’t take us all to the poor house. Maybe even the colors of red and blue we seem to get painted into politically this time of year might fade a tad and we can discus not retuning to the middle ages of government without going crazy over each other.

            Oh well, it is still the New Year, maybe I will buy 2008, some flowers and a bottle of wine, and try to make up! After all, it’s going to be a long year!


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