New law time

            New laws on the books for 2008 range from the it’s about time, to you got to be kidding. Here are a few that I found that have me both scratching my head and wondering if these guys are serious!

            There is a new pole tax in Texas. No pun intended but strip clubs will have to charge each patron five bucks to get in on top of what they are already charging starting January one. And all teachers in the state are to be fingerprinted as well, as of the first of the year. One has to wonder which law had the greatest priority!

             No more text messaging while you’re driving in the state of Washington! You can be fined up to a thousand dollars and spend six months in Jail if you tether your dog to a stationery object for more than two hours in California! No long lunches while Fido waits outside!

             Don’t smoke in the car if you have kids with you, while in California. Even if the car is stopped it’s a fine. Your kids will be much safer in Illinois now, because sex offenders are no longer permitted to work at fairs in Illinois! A new law prohibits them from working at county fairs when eighteen year olds or less are present.

            Good news for slow bleeders in North Carolina. You can now take a little extra time off to give blood. Seems the old state laws only allowed you an hour off from work every fifty-five days to give blood, but recognizing that some people are slow bleeders and that there just might be a line lawmakers have said it is okay to take a little more time off without fear of repercussions. Lawmakers are investigating just how much more time, and will get back to all on how much will be allotted.     

             From the bizarre I did not know desk here is real winner. The Golden state, (you figure out which one it is), is now only the third state to make it illegal for your employer to inject a micro chips into its workers.  That means of course that the other forty-seven are willing to look the other way if you take a nap and get tagged! Ouch !

               If you want a deck of cards in the state of Alabama, be prepared to shell out an extra dime. The state government has levied a 10-cent tax on the purchase of a playing deck that contains “no more than 54 cards”. Where he joker!         

               I saved the best for last. Did you know if you possess an illegal substance and are willing to pay the tax on its value, you could save your self being taxed its full value if you get busted with it? Seems that at least eleven states will allow you to declare the illegal substances value and pay the tax on it. In one state, North Carolina for example, you can do that by just going to the Department of Revenue. After you pay the estimated values tax you’ll receive stamps to affix to your illegal substances. The stamps serve as evidence you paid the tax on any the illegal products you get busted with. And here is the best part, if you are worried someone at the tax department will turn you in, don’t, its illegal for them to do so!         

             There ought to be law

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