Time to introduce yourself!

           Okay, this may come as a shock to you, but I read recently that many so called Conservative Republicans, have never met anyone of the; “liberal persuasion!” You know the Godless, heathen, constitutional degrading, peace loving hippie types who think that separation of Church and State is a positive thing!

            At first I couldn’t think that such a thing could possibly be true. Then I began to think of my own experiences with conservatism. Frankly two or three statements into most of my conversation with a truly religious  conservative type and I’m sliding my toe around on the floor, sticking my hands deeper into my pockets and trying to think of a polite way to get out of there! I used to think that I could argue some sense into their way of thinking, but after awhile, Dr Phil would start speaking in my ear saying, “Son that dog won’t hunt,” and I would just move on. I mean after all, they got God on their side!

            And while they say they get angry hearing me, trust me, nothing gets me more upset than the babbling of a closed mind, that has taken an issue and reduced it to, “us versus them” based upon information from the fantasy news network, blabber head radio or a pastor they heard last week speaking on a similar yet different issue which in their minds is exactly the same thing I am trying to speak on. And it doesn’t matter what topic we may be speaking of be it the war, personal rights or a candidate’s lack of experience; I’m wrong and worse yet, I’m planning something!

             It seems then that this is more of an issue than I have thought. I just pictured groups of liberally minded riders heading into other states in their Prius’s to talk to people; good lord it’s the sixties all over again!

            Oddly enough the book I am currently enjoying takes a very serious look at this very issue.  “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” by Joe Bageant, is about America’s class war identity crisis. Why are the working class who should be supporting Democrats by the bus loads in fact anti- union, pro Wall Mart, and increasingly more Republican than by rights anyone would think they should be? What series of events has eroded the true Democratic base right out from under the very party they should be looking to for help? Enquiring minds would like to know, and it’s a question we had all better pretty soon start asking ourselves. Democrats seem to think that they can get elected if things get bad enough just out of default, while loosing the very base that is what it means to be a Democrat! Taint gonna happen!

            Last week Huckabee, a man who thinks Government need more Jesus in it won in Iowa, by the very people this book is trying to enlighten us all about. I have a feeling its not lite bed time reading. But given the fact that it is another primary election night in       “ the Granite State,” I figure I will be up for a while anyway. More to come; and do us all a favor, go out introduce yourself to a conservative. At least they will have a face to put the blame on, when it finally gets to be our turn to turn things around


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