Time on the stump

            A good stump speech does a couple things. It gives the electorate a chance to see you and an opportunity to hear what you are excited about. Specifically what you as a candidate are going to do and how you plan to go about it in ten minutes or less. But this past week the stump speeches were changing faster than the writers could pen them, and standing up on that stump all alone, some of the candidates did some quick thinking on their own.

            Most to the news stations had Mr. Obama well in the lead and Mrs. Clinton failing to capture the granite state as late as mid afternoon Tuesday. According to all the polls she was going down and that might just set the stage for a momentum jump she might not be able to overtake. The media, not one to doubt its own press, spared no footage in presenting the confident Mr Obama carrying pizza and cokes to the waiting crowds ready to carry him to victory. Mrs. Clinton on the other hand, was shown sitting before a panel of two, three or a hundred; the camera never panned out to show the audience making a last ditch appeal not to abandon her! At this point it was do or die in the media’s eyes, even though at the last Democratic debate many posted her as the winner!

             But there she was all alone, on the stump and the question came at here, presumably out of nowhere, “How do you do it?” Not why or could you, but how do you do it. Not easily, she replied in so many words, but she just wanted to let us all know that this job is so important and then she got all choked up and almost cried. A calculated risk, her true character, cracking under pressure, or an honest answer?

            Calculated fro sure, because for Mrs. Clintons part for sure no matter what she did, it was do or die in the eyes of the media. Most understand that she is in the not enviable position of ever being able to come up with the right answer, because she is dammed if she does, and dammed if she doesn’t. Just this morning she lost crucial support in South Carolina because she implied that MLK’s efforts weren’t as big a part of the civil rights movement as President Johnson’s were in getting the legislation passed. Just trying to state how important the job of being President is to get the job done. We will be hearing about that all weekend for sure.

            Either way, the tears worked. Her base came out and took her to victory. That being poor white women who, loved that she was so honest. Now there is something you don’t see every day. Honesty rewarded, but then again its election year, who would a thunk!!!



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