Time well spent

            I mentioned a post or two ago, that to better understand the conservative movement I needed to learn more about it. Unfortunately most of the conservatives I have spent physical time with either have me wanting to ring their necks or trying to find a way to get away from them. So my discovery of Joe Bageant’s, “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” seemed to have arrived at just the right time.

            This is an honest interpretation of just what the heck is going on in America and an exceptional opportunity for the liberally minded to see and understand  what we are up against if we are going to turn this country around. And trust me, this is not just some burp in cultural diversity; this is real movement that if truly successful will take us back not to the days before constitutions but clear back to the middle ages.

            Before you all cry, conspiracy theory, “take a deep breath,” and try to understand that what is happening in our country is the result of many separate but tied together events. Consumerism, sub prime housing crisis, War in Iraq, the health care crisis, public educational failures and our lack of proven leadership from anywhere are all are conjoining at the same time creating a maelstrom that is going to shake this country to its very foundations. The answer for millions of people is to turn to their natural conservative way of thinking, and to family and to those they trust and if all else fails, to God, he will save them. You included!

             Bageant makes a good argument that for the most part, conservatives in rural Virginia are just doing what comes naturally. Trying to understand the world around them in terms they are familiar with and in ways they can best get along in it.

             It’s hard to be spending extra money to be green, if you’re only about two paychecks away from finding yourself homeless. Why even be green if you think God is coming soon anyway!

             It’s hard to be against America in any shape or form when you are raised to respect your country, right or wrong! That was not just a bumper sticker; to many it is the gospel!

            Family is strong in this area of the country and America. And when other members of the family have died in wars before, it is only natural that now is the time to go and do your duty. Have you seen the commercial of the farmer whose son has enlisted? At first Dad was “agin it,” but the boy got to do what he got to do! Especially when it is the best way he knows of making a living. In America we have a defacto draft. If you are too poor to see any future, don’t have anything higher than a high school education; in the military you can make decent money. Money they couldn’t make working for seven or eight bucks an hour in Virginia. Granted, no one is shooting at them, but it’s a chance to follow a family tradition! Besides dying for your country is an honor, and no one even thinks to ask is this war valid or not.

             Makes protesting the war a secondary issue as long as we don’t take issue with America’s educational system, the economy and things such as a living wage! The next time you see that commercial for the son joining the Army. Picture instead a Banker and his son, standing outside of their three bedroom four hundred thousand dollar home and you will begin to understand just how unfair all of this is really is and why!

              (More to come)


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