Time getting in place

            If you are liberally minded and a boomer to boot, it is pretty hard not to be feeling that elected officials are first and foremost in business for themselves.  We have seen so go back and forth through the swinging doors of working for our interests to working for the same companies they have regulated, that even we are confused as to who these people are working for. Of course initially this was sold to us as good for government; for whom better to run our government as a business, than businessmen! The same idea hold true when they came up with, whom better to pass laws than lawyers?  At one time, not being a lawyer, you could still have a promising governmental career!   

            How the liberal and conservative view the swinging door are as different as night and day. To a conservative; it is not so bad, just a guy feeding his family. Conservatively speaking government is big business and the bigger the business they come from, the better they will be! Given the conservative mind-set this is business as usual.

            Liberals on the other hand, immediately want some kind of regulations put on this activity as well as responsible people elected to do an ethics review.  More government sad to say, to watch more government, which perpetuates the need for more people all willing from industry to come on over and help!

            As different as these two groups feel about the work ethic of the people in government, they have even greater differences of opinions of government in general. The conservative movement, a long time ago, realized that the only way to effect true change in our country was to become part and parcel with government. Something those of the liberal persuasion missed by a long shot. Liberals being more inline with throwing the bums out, and then replacing them with new guys; who sadly once left unchecked became bums all over again.           You might say the system corrupts them; you might not.

            Conservatives on the other hand, developed a great appreciation for looking the other way while a the same time deciding that if they were going to evoke any change in this country they would have to do it from the inside out. Not the other way around.

             One of the most noted appointees of the Bush Administration never got one iota of attention in the press. As Bageant point out, in, “Deer Hunting with Jesus,” graduates of large conservative colleges have found the present administration more than willing to hire them. All placed in places to effect changes in laws and policies for years to come. For example, “…Christian activist Kay Cole James, the former Dean of Pat Robertson School of Government, was appointed US Office of Personnel Management.” As Bageant points out, “what a better position from which to recruit fundamentalist, into the government,” and while no records are kept of political leanings when you are hired or fired, one can only imagine that the people hired by this administration were more conservative than liberally inclined !

            So as you sit there on your sofa slowly seeing the light begin to peek in from the outside world, you got to be rubbing your eyes and wondering what the heck is going on here. Let’s hope you are not the only one…..

   (More yet to come)


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