Time on the war path

            The headline a few days ago in the New York Post asked in no uncertain terms where did the ar go?. If we assign importance to an event to the number of times we hear about it in our media and from politicians, you might just think it was over!  

            Most candidates it seems, except for McCain who supports the war and the subsequent surge keeps it on the front burner of his issues, but most of the others would rather talk about employment and the economy. Romney actually told people in Michigan he would bring the car industry back by getting government involved! Guess they liked what he said, he won! Must also be why the big car show in Detroit featured all of those cars with soupped up horsepower on the main floor and the hybrids back towards the closets where they sell the popcorn!

            Huckabee has been about the economy all along. Good thing, foreign policy is really not a strong suit of his. In true conservative fashion he can bring in good people once elected to advise and consent.  Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place!

            Clinton and O’bama on the other hand are willing to tackle the economy’s since she voted for the war, and while he didn’t support it at first, he voted all along to keep it going, to support the troops! Talking about the economy will be a relief for both of them By the way; Hillary’s latest proposal to create jobs is centered on creating Green jobs! O’bama got things turned around so casino workers wouldn’t have to leave their jobs to caucus! Not sure who that one benefited more, he still lost Nevada.

            Regardless of who wins this election however they are going to have to face the troop’s one of these days as their new commander and chief. Their explanation for this sudden absence of presence of the war in the headlines ought to be worth its weight in gold! I mean those absentee ballots just don’t mean what they use to!

            And finally

            Did you know most bankruptcies in America last year occurred because of a health related issues? Joe Bageant tells us for as little as five thousand dollars most people find themselves totally over their head and unable to pay the rest of their bills. See the video on this blog site for the interview with Australian TV. While that number, five grand, seems so low to us watch the amazement on the interviewers faces; “that could never happen here!”

            Surprisingly conservatives and liberals view health care crisis as an issue that needs to be addressed. How to address it though expectedly comes from different directions. Steeped in the  fact that what has happened to you is partially your own fault and you deserve all you get, the conservatives have no problem cutting funding to social programs that waste money on people who should take better care of themselves. Much in the same way liberals framed gun control issues in words that say most people only hurt themselves with guns; conservatives see social programs as only supporting negative life styles!

            At best I hope these few pieces on the differences between conservative and liberal has sparked an interest to learn more. I plan on returning to the issues between the two groups again to try to explain some of the insanity recent primaries are displaying.  Check the book and sources section of the Blog for more reading on the subject and as I find new sources I will post them. Time to get back on the campaign trial; now where was I….


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