Time on target

            As you all know, I am not the biggest fan of box stores or their sprawling take over of what little green space exits at your nearest off ramp. But this past weekend one of the good guys blew it big time. Good guys in the sense that this corporation has a history of giving back some of their profits to support their local communities. Granted, the line is a mile long to get any of that support, but they blew it none the less.

            I’m speaking of the big red bull’s-eye company. I won’t mention their name; no free advertising here. But you can link to a recent, “real media,” news story and get the picture. Seems their latest print & billboard advertisement campaign portrays a woman sprawled on the big red bull’s-eye. If this were television she would be shown making a snow angel; but in print and on billboards there is no movement. Not a pretty picture. Their efforts to target your attention to the shopper in this case, implying women, as being their target; nasty stuff, no matter what broom closet you work out of on Madison Avenue.

            When made aware of the crudeness of the advertisement by, now get this, a blogger that monitors advertising to children, corporates curt reply said that they only reply to mainstream media on such issues. Hmmn, main stream media? Well, main stream media, lucky you! 

            Granted, Bloggers are the new kid on the block. But if you define mainstream by numbers, we are getting certainly an aspect of it, regardless of corporate Americas lack of respect. Blogging has become rather quickly the voice of regular people who have in many cases acted as the tipping point for more than one major national issue. We are in essence the canaries in the mine who have the ability to spread news in a matter of minutes about good and bad to hundreds of thousand of people. We can raise money too! How do you think Ron Paul raises a million dollars in hours? We are the new word of mouth on the street!

            Sure, we can be dismissed from time to time as knee jerk reactionaries. But media we are. Currently Word Press has over a million plus accounts and more are joining each month. For sure no one here is going to get the Pulitzer Prize for literature, but what we are, and rightly so, is here to stay. While, I expect their to be a few meetings in the coming future, about how to deal with Blogging at this company, it is more than likely it will be a discussion a lot more companies will be having in their near future too, whether they want to or not!

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