Time for…

             It is Super Bowl weekend! To most that doesn’t mean much, but to the die hard television watcher it is like New Years Eve for commercials. Who will ever forget, rounding up cats? Or the Master Card that would be priceless series!

             So it came to me that what we need is a Presidential Candidate than meets all our needs, just like in the cell phone commercials, where the customers cell phone company  works for them wherever they are; like in Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh or as they call it, their Chi-Phi-At-Pits phone company.  

            We need Hill-Barr-Jo-Mitt-Huck to run for President. Our new President will have the grit of a War hero as well as the stamina of an embarrassed and scorned wife. The dedication of someone committed to seeking justice in an unjust world; the craftiness of a short term investor in a long term market and the faith of a barnstorming preacher who above all else knows his path is right no matter who challenges him.

            First of all Hill, could care less what the mud slingers would say. In our sound bite world this is very important. Neo-cons left or right could try to disrupt efforts to get America back on the right track, but this candidate would stick to their principals, putting the good of our country ahead of special interests and the corporations. When the forces of darkness and evil begin to throw dirt about this Presidents personal life around, a snappy reply, of get to the back bus, will rally the country. Fantasy news networks can go back to showing cartoons, not media blitzes about items they create for their own reporting!

             Our Barr aspect would fight for the little guy. Work for change and seek new ways to make the old world better. At times coming close to throwing all the old systems out, but also keenly aware you need that infrastructure to get things done! Remembering what we learned in Iraq, not to throw the baby out with the bath-water.

            Jo would have the keen sense of knowing that all good things come from negotiation. No rush here. Stubborn to a point, but understanding that great personal sacrifice must come from us all if we are to be a strong America again. That means that being an American means you give your fair share. Wealthy tax cuts are out the window and support of the less fortunate comes with education not handouts!

            Mitt knows full well all about money issues understanding a strong America comes with a strong dollar. America can’t tell the rest of the world to take a hike now that we have gone global. Its not your fathers economy anymore! He understands the sub prime crisis is a crisis of greed, not of people who tried to find a house that was safe to raise their kids in.

            And good old Huck knows that a strong man is a virtuous man and that together we all make up America. The invited an uninvited legal and illegal, and that, where there is a will,there is a way! Understanding that we don’t all have to believe in the same things, but that we all have to believe in America,

            So you see, what we need is a Hill-Barr-Jo-Mitt-Huck to be running for president, and all our problems would be solved; commercially speaking of course


2 thoughts on “Time for…

  1. frodo441

    In all rational thinking this is a correct assessment.
    I’m looking for a whopping 750.00$ myself for a 1023…you sound like a man who’s auspices I could benefit from and inturn start good charitable work…besides my first vocation.

  2. frodo441

    Oh yeh, diplomacy with generals first…granted you are on the trail of something onething is correct that we could have gotten’ in and out and made a fashion statement…thing’s would be much better by now…

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