Time to turn it up

          Winning a political race is often more about timing, than ability. Knowing when and where to commit your hardest effort comes from not only being cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses but in appreciating the same, in your opponents as well. Understanding what works and doesn’t work along with co-opting the best ideas of your opponents regardless of who offered them, can get you labeled, “a waffller or being wishy washy,” but it can also get you elected!

            What has made this primary season so interesting is that while the hopefuls may be changing with each offering from the ballot box, their issues are not. So as we sit here less than twenty four hours or so away from the biggest and probably the most telling day of the primary season, it stands to reason on some issues the candidates look pretty much the same.

            This past weekend, only just days after loosing South Carolina and having to fend off accusations that she let her husband get a little out of hand, Senator Clinton has changed her strategy. Stressing now, the very issues that John Edwards pushed in his campaign. The idea that Universal Health Care can be a reality even if we have to raise taxes was his baby, and while both she and Senator O’bama are offering much stronger ideas about Greenhouse Gases as Edwards originally did, both are in serious search of a way to get Edwards supporters over to their side.

            Mrs. Clinton, sounding more like a former President whose daughter was in town to back her opponent said, its time to wake up America. Speaking to cheering crowds in a gymnasium ins Southern California this past weekend she explained that there are no guarantees that America will be the strongest nation in the world, if we don’t start getting our act together. The packed gym of five thousand were told that her opponent has not come out for Universal Health Care for every American, but that she had, and was determined to get America moving in the right direction again. Defiantly taking the offensive, showing to the crowd that her experience would be key in getting programs s up and running as quickly as possible when elected. Hillary went on to say her Republican opponent, whom she believes looks to be John McCain, would be perfectly happy being in Iraq 100 years from now!  

            Yet while Mrs. Clinton was turning it up, she got another cruel blow. The very organization that was created to support her husband, (moveon.org) has come out backing her opponent. Ouch. Let’s see, the Kennedy’s have jumped ship, move-on is gone, the LA times supports her opponent, and this past week the fantasy news network reported George Bush supports her! Wholly cow, what’s next Ann Coulter coming-out in support of her well!

            Her best line however was that, “We need a person who gets up in the White House everyday!” An obvious dig at Mr. Bush, who in eight years of being in office has spent well over 499 days on vacation, mostly in his Crawford Texas, White House!” No wonder everyone wants this job, you get that kind of vacation time and dental too! This week should be interesting to say the least. My bet is that Tuesday will come and go, with the tow front runners dividing up the various primaries and caucuses between themselves and the race, just getting more and more interesting…



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