Time and value

             I was asked the question the other day; what would you rather have; a piece of jewelry that is worth a lot or one that has sentimental value? At first I thought, go for price. Then I thought about all of the people I have seen over the years who at the end of their lives cherish not the money, but the sentimental valued items. Families regularly fight over the ring that Great Uncle Billy gave Great Aunt Martha when they became this or that, oh so many years ago. It makes little difference that the piece in question has any real value or not. Its part of their history; a piece of their history, that they now wish to possess for whatever reason that may be.

            This election season has me thinking of sentimental value versus real value as well. The Democrats on one hand have a largely untested gentleman who wishes to be President. While I surely feel he has the potential to do that job, having just spent eight years with a man who boasted that he could learn the job, “on the job,” makes me a little more than just nervous. This is not a job, you learn, “on the job!”

             On the other hand we have a very tested individual, who probably could hit the deck running and know exactly what it is that needs to be done once they become President; or at least look like they do. Whether we like it or not, if we want someone to do a good job in Washington, the better they know how the place works the better it is for us. Unfortunately while getting a lot of that experience, this person made some enemies  along the way. You can’t make an omelet without busting up some eggs!  Once elected their main business will be to do everything in their power to discredit her and tie government up doing investigations; and quite frankly who wants to go back there? And who can ever forget the campaign the insurance industry waged against her efforts to get America health care coverage!

            The Republicans have no sure choice either. Much as they would all like to resurrect Ronald Regan, he isn’t coming back. Regardless of whatever issues of theirs they try to align with his, that world is long gone. And quite frankly, the President of Mexico may one day be saying, “Mr. United Sates President, tear down that wall!” Times change. It no longer works to be just a conservative, any more than it works to be just be liberally minded.

            So here we sit. Each side has someone of value and each side has someone of sentimental value. Which way do we go America? For the Democrats, the problem would be solved if they decided to run together. For the Republicans the same would hold true. But I am afraid egos would get in the way of that ever happening for either party. At this point, all of the candidates pretty much have their hearts set on being first and I guess they all pretty much feel like, Ricky Bobby, who so dutifully informed us in Talladega Nights, “If you ain’t number one, you ain’t nobody!” But like Ricky learned along the way, what best for you is genreally not best for everyone else.


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