Time running out

             Running an election campaign is no small undertaking. Both the candidate and their staff need to be keyed to every aspect of the operation no matter how long the campaign might last. So when a shakeup occurs at the highest levels of the campaign, that either means things not going as planned or a change in direction is needed. Looking at the Clinton campaign this week, it seems both were in order.

            The loss of her campaign director Patti Solis Doyle could not come at a worse time. Fresh off of losses, and losses are never a great thing to be just off of, the campaign is facing ever increasing scrutiny from the general public and the media. Her recent lending of five million dollars to her campaign late last month and the rumors that some of the staff are going with out pay speaks of a poorly run and supported campaign.

            You are only as good as your last victory when it comes to raising support. And with her victories on Super Tuesday it only took a few days to raise five million dollars. But tagged by the fact that they spent too much in Iowa the Clinton campaign seems to be showing poor management skills. Sad when the front runner does it, a lot worse when the underdog does it. But lately overnight, the Obama campaign has seemed to lurch ahead of the Clintons. Delegate count aside, everyone likes a winner and in the perception of the public right now is that Obama is a winner.       

            Add to the internal conflict the fact that Obama and Clinton are running two different types of campaigns and you begin to wonder if Clinton isn’t self destructing right before our very eyes. Every time the media shows Obama, he is front of a crowd of cheering thousands. When they show Hillary she is meeting with small groups and looking to build consensus. It would be easy to blame the media for giving him this boost, but in reality, getting Hillary out in front of big cheering crowds as of late hasn’t been the easiest thing to do.

            While both candidates basically are saying the same thing, it’s the way they are running their campaigns that is making the difference. One might be said to be old school; building consensus, shaking hands, standing outside the mill and greeting the workers and asking for votes, while the other is in what was recently described as, carrying on a “big group hug,” nationally. The Clinton Campaign seems befuddled by problems and literally comes to a halt to try to figure out what to do about them. Bill was sent out without a real plan, just looking to promote his wife with his own star quality. By the time it came out in the media the problem appeared to show incompetence on the part of the Clinton campaign. Obama on the other hand, seems to see the problems coming and leaps over them and keeps right on going. A friend under investigation by the Feds bought a property next to his at exactly the same time allowing Obaman to get a great piece of property he otherwise couldn’t afford; net outcome, so what?

            The delegate counts as we speak are dead even. Both campaigns are entering do or die periods, with the Clintons stating they will win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Just a few short campaign weeks ago, they didn’t even think they would have too! As we near the end of what has been the longest Presidential campaign yet, it makes one wonder if too long is not going to be long enough for the former front runner and too soon can’t come quick enough for the underdog!



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