Time to pass the hemlock

             Ever get the feeling that you are a character in a Steve Martin sketch on Saturday Night Live? The one where he as Socrates drinks hemlock, only to discover that the drink is poison! Hey I didn’t know!  I feel the same way about this thing called, the “super delegate,”

             Since Iowa, I like many of you have thought that after all of the caucuses and primaries were over the winner who got the most delegates would be the Party nominee for President. The first candidate, who reaches the magic number, gets crowned the Democratic nominee of the party to run for President. But apparently, this isn’t exactly the way it works! Because, the hidden factor in all of this, is the delegate being called the super delegate? They apparently are not part of the caucuses & primary events going on across America and can vote for whomever, he/she wants to.

            A super delegate, as they are being called, and there are eight hundred and forty two of them, (roughly 40% of the delegates) will get to add their votes to any delegate count they wish too. In an election this close, that means, we may not know who the candidate is until this summer! Who comprises the list of super delegates? Well, all the Democratic Governors and all Democratic members of Congress. Plus former Presidents and Vice Presidents: including Bill and Al as well as any retired congressional leaders. Some are appointed by Howard Dean, the party Chairman? It always pays to be on the good side of the chairman, I guess!

            Hmmm, un-pledged? That means that if the candidate who has been selected by the majority of the people doesn’t’ get enough of the super delegate votes, he won’t be the choice of the Party. Then why call it the Democratic Party Convention.  In a race for delegates as close as this one where we have all been on the edge of our seats since Iowa and really participating at a level unheard of the fact that super delegates will be making the final deciding factor in who the party nominee is just doesn’t seem right. Kind of like realizing the Electoral College chooses the President, not our votes!

            If you were wondering, this doesn’t happen at the Republican Convention. The winner of the delegate count in the primaries and caucuses, gets the nod to run for President. It didn’t use to be this way for the Democrats. They changed the way things work regarding delegates back in the early seventies; turbulent times or too much Democracy, you decide? It seems those in control of the Democratic Party at the time, were afraid that someone like a Jimmy Carter kind of guy, could come along and get the nod from the people but would be woefully uninitiated to the ways of politics and the party. By having delegate’s that were uncommitted yet loyal to the party able to vote, the status quo could be maintained. That sounds so Democratic. I can’t believe, that a certain candidate running and pushing for change hasn’t made it a topic of concern on the party platform. Guess he figures maybe he has a few of those super delegates locked up himself.

            Bottom line thought, UN committed, means they can vote anyway they want too,

Oh boy; pass the hemlock its going to be a long summer!


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