Time to make it an issue

            One of the biggest black eyes we carry around in America is the fact that health insurance is not affordable to everyone. Irregardless of you employment status, insurance is just out of the reach of way to many. And for many of those who do have some sort of coverage their policies cover way less than they think they do! The number one cause of bankruptcy in America is related to a health issue! You should be able to get sick with out forever loosing the ability to have a bank account or a decent credit rating.

            Catastrophic illness can happen to anyone But in a vast majority of situation’s the ability to be able to receive some preventive care, or to avoid having to go to the emergency room for a minor issue could save us all million in the cost of health insurance. When the only source of care for million of Americans is Web MD and over the counter treatments we have a problem. 

            Recent statistics state that there are 47 million uninsured here in the United States. On average those who can afford health care coverage pay around twelve hundred dollars a month of health insurance. In many cases that check that Congress & the President just authorized as part of a stimuli package will go for health care!  So, understanding what the presidential candidates plans for health care, is something we all need to look at very seriously.

             McCain has a variety of plans to provide Americans with choices. These include offering tax credits of $2,500 and $5,000 for families to help pay for coverage. Sounds good; unless you are out of work and are not paying taxes. He also wants to let insurance company’s that are now limited in their areas of service to be able to expand nationally. Supporting the age old idea that increasing competition will allow for the lowering of prices. Additionally he wants families to be able to set up their own,”HSA’s” or health savings accounts. Who wouldn’t be able to save up enough tax free money in no time for a heart or kidney transplant! 

            Hillary and Barrack have different ideas as well. She prefers a universal plan based on federal and free-market solutions. Its going to cost everyone, something but in the long run save us all having to one day bail out an insurance industry that somehow couldn’t afford to pay its bills. Plus she would propose “individual mandates” requiring Americans to get insurance. Then focus efforts on prevention, managing chronic conditions, and more efficient and increased use of information technology. Her plan would include all Americans.

            Barrack would mandate health care coverage for all children. Create a new public program for the under and underinsured and then focus on preventive care. He also favors spending millions on technology to get everyone insurance records digitalized and share-able between health care providers.

            Regardless of whose plan you support, make this an issue with your candidate. As part of the blog under the, “make a difference section,” you can also express you concern over the crisis America faces regarding insurance. If you don’t make it an issue, I can assure they won’t either.


One thought on “Time to make it an issue

  1. This is an issue of great importance and one for which there is room for many terrific solutions. But there is no one silver bullet. Use your bullet and vote!!

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