TIme denied

            My last post set off a flurry of comments to me and on line about the crisis of health care here in America. One e-mail I received, asked me to look into the reasons people are denied insurance, because of their, “pre-existing conditions.”  This group of under insured can’t get insurance anywhere, even if they could afford it.

             It seems insurance companies like the word “pre existing condition!” Because they seem to use it a lot in their denial of insurance letters. We need to all remember these are businesses who can deny just about anyone they want regardless of whether you can pay for the policy or not. Race, creed, color, age, and ethnicity don’t even enter into the picture! Some of the reasons for denial under “pre-existing- conditions,” were a bit surprising to me; for example

            Infertility problems; this is a “pre-existing condition,” that could seriously effect the mother and if certain drugs are taken the chances of multiple births could occur. Other bloggers suggested the lady ask for a maternity exclusion and she might get coverage

            Cancer survivor; forget it. You may be applauded, cheered and held in high esteem at the office or among your family, but you’re not getting new coverage.Like to tell the world about your problems on your blog? Obesity issues, dieting and bulimia, are great topics to discus among others if you are seeking help from others who have been there and done or beat that. But an insurance company in New Jersey is denying benefits because some posters spoke of their problems in their blogs! Here is a good suggestion; if you don’t want anyone to know, the last place you want to put it, is on the WORLD-WIDE-Web!

             A quick search of the web found all of the following conditions reasons for being denied private health insurance…psoriasis, lived in a Hurricane Katrina government provided Trailer, AIDS ,allergies, arthritis, ADD,  autism, bed-wetting, breast implants, cerebral palsy, chronic bronchitis, cirrhosis, cystitis, diabetes, ear infections, epilepsy, gender reassignment, hepatitis, heart disease, herpes, high blood pressure, impotence, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, depression, migraines, pregnancy, renal failure, ringworm, sleep apnea, stroke, ulcers, varicose veins, and the list goes on! If you have had any of these you could be denied private health insurance.

            Additionally if you take certain medications, you can forget it as well. For a list of what not to be on or who to be employed by, go here; impressive to say the least. And one other thing to keep in mind. If you are currently covered by a policy at work and get sick your employer can also be facing higher premiums because of your health problems.    

             Bottom line poor life styles, great life styles, poor genes, great genes; it makes no difference. The higher your risk for needing the coverage you are trying to get, the less likely you are to be able to get it. Thankfully life insurance companies are still writing polices and haven’t determined that life is a, ”pre-existing condition, “  for death insurance!

            Without a doubt, making this a hot button issue in the upcoming election is a priority none of us can afford to let pass by.



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