Time to take the gloves off

            Ah yes, the clouds of innuendo, suspicion, boredom, and mismanagement sit heavy on the campaign trail today! The bandying back and forth of he said she said, and the he took what from who truly means; things are about to start getting serious; it’s about time! This campaign season has gone on longer than any we have ever endured, and it’s time they took the gloves off.

            With each candidates attempt to gain even the slightest advantage this past week, the overall tone on the campaign trial has turned from getting ones message out to getting something said bad about your opponent! For the candidates I am sure, Denver & Minneapolis St. Paul can’t get here fast enough, but the true hard fact of it is the scrutiny they all face as long as they are viable candidates, should be intense; and rightly so! Need I mention a, “Yowl?” Mr. Dean! And now that everything they do is on tape, the possibilities for messing up are endless. “He called him a, “Ma-ca-ca!” Our twenty-four hours news feeds and nightly entertainment shows are still showing Danny Linn just about every night. No matter what faux paux they commit, it will be with us for a while.

             So far this week, Mr. Obama has miss-spoke twice. Accused of plagiarizing his dear friend’s speeches, he smiled and said, oops! McCain’s not so distant past of working with the Keating Five has been re-born. Who? Remember the Savings and Loan Scandal where a certain Bush, younger brother of the President never to be heard of again, placed the countries savings and loans on the brink of financial disaster? Well, McCain helped some of the bad guys get some investigations delayed. He admitted he was a bit naïve for doing so and eventually all was forgiven. Yesterday people were asking why a lobbyist was running McCain’s campaign for free. Hmmm. Come-on fantasy news work; get cracking on that one!

            Hillary isn’t having the best of weeks either. No longer the front runner, she is finding herself playing to three quarter full stadiums while her main opponent is packing them in. Last night the media accused her opponent of not paying attention while she spoke, so why are you? Both Hillary and Barrack have had to deal with spouse abuse as well. Meaning both their spouses have abused their chances for winning by opening their mouths!! Mrs. Obama is finally proud of her country. Mrs. McCain retorted back that she has always been proud of her country, what is your problem! Good question since Mrs. Obama is a Princeton and Harvard Graduate. Hillary’s husband on the other hand, only has to open his mouth and he gets sound bitten to death. He told a small crowd in Ohio, if they didn’t help her win Ohio and Texas, Hillary was done. Not sure, but I think there is plenty of blame to go around on that one!

            For all of the rhetoric and spitting that seems to be flying in the air, neither of the Democrats seems to realize every slight the fire off against each other is just ammunition for the Republicans down the road. Bottom line, issues and platforms never get the attention they should at this stage of the game and sadly that is what we should be talking about. If Hillary wants health care for us all and Barrack doesn’t I need to know that. If Barrack is going to listen to his Commanders before he decides on any troop withdrawal, then I need to hear that. So far the candidate of change, the candidate of experience and the last candidate standing are failing terribly at telling sound-bite America what they stand for! I mean after all this is important stuff!

            Danny Linn who?


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