Time for a win win

            In the beauty pageant event that we call our electoral process, one can from time to time get the feeling that things might get better if this or that particular candidate should happen to win. Lately eyeing the Democratic line of presidential want to be’s, one can’t help but wonder how can we loose! We have a candidate for change; and we all want a change. Secondly we have an experienced woman who if given the opportunity is going to fight to get us all Health Care and hopefully out of this war we find ourselves in with the rest of the world!

             Running against no incumbent and an administration that has waged an illegal war, trampled the constitution, pretty much encouraged and promoted a wave of fear to get everything they want, a congress that is literally a sleep at the wheel, while outsourcing our military to the point that it will never be the same again; how could the Democrats loose! Plus the Republican offering for President has promised under his watch, the war will go on!!!!

            One would think that in our little bubble we could be feeling pretty good about the fall. Well, don’t get too comfortable just yet. As a sign of how uncomfortable and quickly things can change; Ralph Nader has decided to run for President in 2008 as a Green Party candidate; the quintessential third party candidate is back again. He has everything any of us should want in a President except one thing; any chance of winning!

             So then why run? Is it to be the spoiler for the Democrats? Is it because he is fully disgusted with the candidate field? Accordingly, he told NBC in an interview yesterday that only 24 % of Americans are happy with their government, 81% are considering voting for a third party and that in this election there has been way too little discussion of the topics that matter. Topics such as Iraq, the Palestinian crisis, the Katrina debacle, our lack of an energy bill, single pay health insurance, military overspending, labor law reform, corporate crime, corporate lobbyist, and the lack of access of the American people to their government!

              Denying he cost Gore the election, and challenging us all to see the loss as what it really was; not enough people wanting to change. Nader says he wants to bring the discussion of all the issues to the table. Who could argue with that, unfortunately in our sound bite, media centered world of presidential campaigns discussing the issues gets little air time. None of the candidates even mentions what happened in New Orleans, or what they would do to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Few ever bring up the Palestinian Israeli crisis, knowing full well it will be the basis of all of the problems they face! By the way, Obama was pro Palestinian until he decided to run for President. Clinton has always sat firmly on the Israeli side of the issue.

            But regardless, of who gets the final nod this fall to run for president from both parties, Ralph will be there. Making sure the issues take center stage, not the candidate’s color, race, creed, sex or bank accounts! And as far as I can see, that’s a win win for all of us!


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