Time on reality TV

           Well the last of the Democratic debates took place in Cleveland last night. If you happened to catch it, you saw the final two hacking it out rehashing and re-explaining all of their decisions and qualifications. From a field of seven or nine at one time it got confusing to say the least; we are finally to the point where we have to make a decision. Kind of like watching a season finale of American Idol!

            During the slow spots of the debate I did some channel surfing and watched what most of America was watching; that being American Idol. Between the comments there and the debate, it was surprising how similar the two events at this point seem to be.

             It seems that some of the idol contestants thought they had it made when they got picked for the final twenty four. I remember Hillary’s’ initial lead being in double digits as well!  Only when they made their appearances and failed to bring their best show did both the reality contestants and her campaign begin to unravel. Lesson to future contestants; the game is on from the start!  

            Lesson two; Better to build momentum than to peak early. This is true for idols and candidates. Always better to be in front of cheering gymnasium of twenty thousand than shown hand shaking with factory workers at this point in your campaign.

            Lesson three, remember you are always in the public eye and no matter what you say or do, as PT Barnum said, “ there is no  such thing as bad advertising.” Yet, back talking to judges, going negative, forgetting they words or being fuzzy on what you said yesterday is all on the table. If you voted for it in the past, admit you did and move on, there are no re-do’s!

            There are some people who just have a natural talent for being singers and politicians. It fits them. Some of us sing great in the shower, but quite frankly taking our act public is not advised. As proven in the auditions for idol. Having the courage of conviction that you can do the job, isn’t necessarily going to get picked to be the next American Idol or President, but in a profession where you record is who you are never stray from the fact that you serve as a public servant; arrogance no matter how slight is not acceptable.

             So what is it going to be, shall we go with experience, fashion, charisma, cadence, strength or compassion or talent? Do we bet our chances for winning this thing on someone who brings a lot of experience being political to the table versus someone who brings a lot less but who has great potential given the state of affairs of this country, the future never looked harder for an incoming President? Its going to take every skill they have to get America back on its feet again. Former contestant Dodd, now on the jury has cast his vote for Senator Obama!      

            While the official Democratic candidate hasn’t been chosen yet, all signs are pointing toward the war hero, geriatric, seasoned, hard headed sometimes a liberal sometimes a conservative Republican McCain being their opponent.  And while this war hero won’t be as easy to swift boat as Kerry was, the national polls right now say he has a dead even chance to beat Hillary and is only fifteen or so percentage points behind beating Obama. You would think there would be no contest, but quite frankly at this stage of the game it’s a lot closer than any of us would like. Who we choose has to take into account, not only who will do the best job, but who can win regardless of if they get pitchy at times!


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