Time to off set some carbon

            Psst. Hey buddy, want to off set some carbon? The idea of hawkers sitting along side the road and enticing us in to off set our carbon foot prints may not be that far off. What consumer conscious green thinking person would not want to take advantage of off setting their carbon? A current Volkswagen advertisement lets us know that they will plant enough trees to off set a years worth of carbon emission if we buy their car. Failing to mention that the tree may have to live a hundred years to offset the carbon emitted by your driving; but it’s a start.

            The market is alive with products featuring carbon off setting tags. Computer manufactures, airlines, car companies, hair care products, and coffee companies all want you to know they are thinking about the environment and if you buy their products they will contribute to something that makes the earth a little better for us all! It has suddenly become chic to be thinking about the environment and our effect on it. All I can say, it’s about time!

             But before you go off and buy every product that seem to say it is now greener or better, a little investigation on you part might help the products that actually do use money to offset some carbon generation. You mean someone might say they are green just to get me to buy the product when in fact they aren’t? Yeah it’s true.

             In what is called “green washing,” many companies say one thing but in reality it is all just a come on to get you to buy their product. Saying that you will plant a tree to offset the effects of car usage means that somewhere someone is actually planting and tending trees. And stop and think about it; that is a lot of trees. You can check up on this! There is a great piece available that can help you find out about green washing here, and on how to check up.

            My reason however for bring this issue up in the first place, jumps back to the presidential candidates. They all are talking green. Both Democrats are talking new, ‘Green collar jobs.” Clinton wants to create a training program to give workes skills they will need for installing solar panels, building hybrid cars, and green-izing office buildings! Senator Obama will invest millions as well in developing clean technology and in the establishment of a, “Green-core” to connect disadvantaged youth with job skills in what he sees as a future high growth industry.

            Whether either candidate lives up to their promises will be up to us. We don’t need to spend a billion dollars when the technology is already there. What we need are markets that can be sustained while they grow. Bringing these candidates u to speed will be everyone’s job.

            On the other hand should the Republicans win, we are at least at ease to know, that recently McCain gave a, “What if we are wrong,” speech and the earth is in trouble because of us. He’s at least aware there might be a problem. Unlike Mr. Bush who tonight made the statement that the, “economy is just slowing down,” no recession yet.

            No wonder America wants a CHANGE!


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