Time to get a real, “ID”

            In 2005 congress passed the Federal ID act.  Innocently enough, It required people who get on airplanes, open bank accounts or who go into federal buildings and a host of other similar types of things, to have identification that is more than just state, “legit” but federally, “legit” as well. It is the kind of stuff when you first hear about it say to yourself, not a bad idea.. After all; all of the bad guys of’ ”911” had valid state driver’s licenses!

             But this act also establishes uniform statures for what has to be on a driver’s license and various standards for authenticating that information. Home Land Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, says that travel documents, are like a, “weapon” to terrorist and that we have to make sure the documents are real and authentic. So if you haven’t thought about it already get ready to plan a trip to your local DMV by 2013. Thought I would give you a head up! And remember, driving is a privilege, no license- no drive.

            But wait, we got a problem. As of this posting at least half of the states are objecting to this new, “ID.” I mean after all we can’t afford infrastructure improvements to bridges, roads and sewer systems whose is going to pay for all of this new information, keep it out of the hands of those who would might use it improperly, and then maintain a current record on all of us good citizens in a system easily accessible? Okay, you guessed, it. You are; the American Taxpayer.

            And how much more secure will you feel for you buck? Many are saying, not very. The costs which could range well into the billions are just another price we have to pay to feel secure here in America. Yet, governors of Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Washington that have signed bills refusing to comply with the act as it stands. And several other have pending legislation to do the same. Guess who isn’t getting any federal road funds for Christmas!

            Additionally each of the cards will contain a bar code about you, making your financial, medical and personal history records easily available, to anyone who can properly read the card. Kind of what the ACLU is calling, “Internal Passports “for American citizens. No one has said it yet, but for sure a card like this will make that single pay, national health insurance, Clinton and Obama are pushing for a tad easier to implemetn. While no one is saying we will all be stopped at the borders of our states before going to Ohio to shop it is a possibility of our not so far away future.

             Bottom line, this act is going to cost billions, be very invasive into your private life, and create a bureaucratic nightmare when you want to go anywhere.   To find out more, go to the Real ID controversy category on this site. And thanks Sandy for pointing all this out to me and for the quote;  “There is no slippery slope toward loss of liberties, only a long staircase where each step downward must first be tolerated by the American people and their leaders .–Alan K. Simpson”


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