Time tonight

           Well it’s another primary night. And for all of those that were wondering what we were going to be doing on all the primary nights after this thing was decided in January; well, keep wondering it’s not over yet.

            It looks as if the only candidate to call it quits tonight is Huckabee. Praise the Lord and order up another round of who cares please. McCain is going to be, “Da Man!” Wow, a big surprise there; actually a real big surprise there. As John Madden would say, “now here’s a guy,” that was broke last August. Laid off the whole crew and it is rumored drove the campaign bus himself while the wife made sandwiches for what was left of the crew! Won’t they have some great stories to tell if they ever find themselves laying their heads down at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Ave!

            What a difference a campaign makes. He will be a formidable opponent. Conservatives have yet to rally behind him, but once the Democrats finally get done haggling over who they will choose, look for things to get really heated.

            They say the unknown card in this whole game will be the white male age 30 to 55! Hey I like demographic. Let’s see according to history this would be the same demographic responsible for the world being in the mess it is in! This would be the demographic that is just about every major corporate CEO out there. This would be the demographic of the current president, and if I am not mistaken the demographic of the majority of conservative ministers in America! Oh boy!

            This would also be your Gulf War veterans and some of them homeless Viet Nam Veterans who are have expressed the fact that they have no problem voting for an African American, but just might have one voting for; a woman! Oh yeah, it’s not over by a long shot!

            All of these candidates have waged the good campaign and when it is over the winner will have campaigned longer than anyone ever has to be the President of the United States. No need to question McCain’s stamina if he campaigns this long, he is definitely up for the job of President and if elected he can rest. I mean after all Republican Presidents are no slouches when it comes to taking time off. Reagan spent 335 days in Santa Barbara and Bush Sr took 543 vacation days at his estate in Kennebunkport and Bush Jr has spent around 27% of his time on vacation! Just to be fair I might mention that, Jimmy Carter only took 79 days off at his home in Plains the least vacation time taken of any President, and Bill Clinton only took 152 for comparisons sake.

            So as the Democrats fight it out for Texas and Ohio, the Republicans can sit back and figure out their strategy. Must be why McCain has planned a visit to the White House next week. Not having a good strategy wouldn’t be prudent now, would it!

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