Time to speculate

             So we have six weeks or so to speculate on what is going to happen in this crazy thing they call the democratic process. Few would ever have thought the Democrats would be waging battle this late; especially at each other. The odds makers in Vegas had this one over and done with a log time ago. Better for the Democrats if it had been; no good for either candidate or America is going to come of this protracted engagement. But like ol’ Huckabee, no one wants to quit before their time. Especially if there is the remotest chance they might win. A lot of ego, involved with this one!

             Yet, talk about a loose –loose situation. Whatever one puts out against the other, they both look bad. It’s the old saying; point one finger at me and point four at you! Come on people, talk about Democrats living up to their ill projected image of whishy washy ness! As a majority we can’t even pick who we want to run for President!

              And nothing short of finding out your opponents deepest and darkest secrets and using it to win appears to be needed to settle this thing. If one was into conspiracy theories you could almost blame the Republicans, but sadly if the Dems loose this one, they have no one to blame but themselves!

             And once a winner is chosen in Denver later this fall, which of the two will have the ability to bring the others sides supporters onto their side? One plays to the young and for change. The other plays to the older fix it, don’t break it group. Sadly all of this infiltrating and side taking will have some leave the party to go to the other side, which is projecting strength not disarray and this plays right into the hands of the demographic I mentioned in the last post! (Time Tonight)

              Bottom line, the two major candidates have raced to a draw. She won all the big states. And he has more people coming out to vote than any one else in recorded history. Although it is really hard to understand that the Black vote in Texas actually declined in some areas from 2004; but still the turnout to hear Senator Obama speak and then to vote has been unprecedented. Ideally they make a great candidate together; but that is not going to happen. So what do they need to do, if they can’t come together?    

            The Democrats now have a candidate to run against; start running against him. It would behoove both of them to turn their attention at him and lay off of each other. In this race, no head start can be overlooked. If not, the next President of the United States will be one that promises more of the same; less personal freedom based on fear and faith based ideologies, a person who feels negotiating is less important than might and a friend of corporations world wide. More government for people who pay their bills and less government for those who fell through the cracks of the system a long time ago!

            When I think of where our Democracy has gone in the last eight years, I often think of Ross Perot who heard that sucking sound of all those jobs heading for Mexico. Only now that sucking sound is your constitutional rights and freedoms, and loosing them will be far worse than losing you job!



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