Time out

            No telling who you are going to run into these days here in Western Pennsylvania. Yesterday I found my self at a Hillary Clinton rally and today I found myself at a conservative businessman’s breakfast. Not as a participant, but as a guy in a different booth who almost lost his breakfast listening to the diatribe of all the bad things the more than liberally minded would do if he or she gets in there.

            First of all former President Bill Clinton speaking on behalf of his wife’s campaign was to say the least, very impressive. Talk about charisma. He was met warmly by the two thousand people that showed up, and hit all of the topics of major concern such as health care, the war and the budget. He also mentioned that the present policy of no child left behind will be quickly left behind under a new Clinton administration.  One can only hope.

            But at breakfast the conversation was like night and day. Back to the usual half-truths and down right lies promoted by “am,” radio personalities accepted as the gospel by the following. The usual dose of fear mongering and the scare tactics that if we don’t beat them there, they are going to be here in a matter of minutes!

            Among the information exchanged was the fact that once, “ she,” gets in there, you will have to wait three days for an MRI! More time to eat donuts I guess and buy cigarettes! Health care will be mandatory under her. The system will be so overloaded we all will have to wait in line.

            At the Clinton rally, he asked how many knew of someone that did not have any health insurance including themselves. Practically everyone there raised a hand. President Clinton went on to tell us that over fifty million dollars a year is spent by health insurance companies telling people they can’t have health insurance; at any price.

            The conservative breakfast vowed to work on getting the word out on how overloaded our system would be and to make sure those not there understood. They made no mention or did no pole to see how many of them had no insurance or had tried to have a procedure done that was denied?

            Additionally it was mentioned that we will al have to get ID cards and that the government will know where we are at all times. If you travel they will know. I wanted to tell them that this is already a reality and that it won’t happen if  she gets elected,  it is already happening. Congress has already passed the law requiring us all to get ID cards.

            Bottom line I guess, coming away form both meetings is how little things have changed. They don’t like us, and we can’t understand why they just don’t get it. This country is more red and blue than ever and by the time the election is over we may have to change that to black and blue; as usual winner takes all.

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