Time to re-gate

           When I first heard that someone had gotten into the passport files of candidates Obama, Clinton and McCain, I immediately thought of Richard Nixon and Watergate. You Boomers will remember his handling of the break in at the ritzy Watergate hotel to find out information on Daniel Ellsberg, regarding the Pentagon papers’ in June of 1972. It would be the spark that would lead to his final downfall and resignation. Not the thousands protesting the war or the covert operations in Cambodia but right there with a bunch of plumbers, sent out to plug up a leak!

            Surprisingly this thing has happened before. Not Watergate but the passport thing. In 1992 a Republican appointee went through Bill Clintons passport file in an effort to see if he did anything to try to get our of going to the Viet Nam War. Clinton was in a heated campaign against George H. W. Bush at the time. Well it seems come campaign time, people like to go looking for information. As we mark yet another milestone of four thousand dead in this war, and a week of protests, you can only hope the current administration had something to do with it; but no such luck.

             It’s not enough I guess that these three have people following them twenty four seven with cameras and microphones. Although this weekend I saw no picture of Obama who took a few days off to vacation in the Virgin Islands. Got to have some privacy! I did see seven television commercials applauding his record and general overall credibility as a good guy and asking me to vote for him for President. On the other hand, I saw no commercials for Hillary and none for McCain.  

            Condoleezza Rive immediately sent out apologies to all three candidates. It appears that contractors and students helping with the back log of passport requests did the accessing. Or so we are told at this point. The reality of it is; these three people are under America’s magnifying glass and pretty much anything that can be found and be abet to be used against them is fair game; regardless of how it is found.

            Yet the cry over privacy seems to be being shouted loud and strong in their case. It would be nice if these same people shouting were as concerned about your rights as theirs! I mean after all if they can go snooping on these folk’s personal files, what’s next, you files?

            In case you have been asleep for the last few years, the government ( that includes its sub-contractors), can go snooping in your files any time they want. Who are they? Anyone with a computer and the right pass codes or willingness to hack the files. Good guys and bad. And with out a search warrant, they can then take what they find, show up at your house, not tell you why, cart you off and offer no reason hold you indefinitely and when they do deicide to act or finally charge you with something have a military tribunal try you, and you can’t say didly squat.

            So as you can see, we all need to be a little indignant about this breach of security against these three very very very public figures. As for the other things if you are waiting for Congress to pass some laws to help get your freedom s back, don’t hold you breath. They recently passed a bill that you can’t sue the telephone company for giving them your records on who you call. Not even if you call them to complain!


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