Time for a new Fall guy

          No one likes to be blamed for something that they didn’t do. Regardless of how many times you get blamed, you have to still say, “Hey I didn’t do it.!”   Unfortunately the current political tactic of saying any lie over and over and over again on the news and in the media, until it becomes the truth in the eyes of the public, is at work and you may soon be the new fall guy!

            How many times have you heard, that the Boomers are going to bust the Social Security System, when we start to collect? Countless. How many times have you heard that all of us just lying around are going to put our kid’s futures in the poor house? Countless.  So when the Bush Administration tells you that the system is going to go broke and it’s your entire fault, after a while you might actually start to feel a pang of guilt. Make that a long while!

            Consider if you will the following comments, “In fewer than 10 years,” Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warns, “cash flows are projected to turn negative — meaning that we will draw upon general revenues to support withdrawals from the (Social Security) Trust Funds in order to pay current benefits.”

            Now, close your eyes and imagine if you will a very large pool of money that you and I have access too. All you need to do to get it is to take it, because there are rules saying I can’t until I turn sixty five. But I am told not to worry; you are trustworthy and need the money now for, roads, bridges, telephone poles, dams and Star Wars! You get the picture.

            Bottom line, the Social Security Reserve Funds was raided by the Democrats for government operations and expenses and continues to be raided by the Bush Administration to support general government operations. Throw in 911 and a war that goes on forever and borrowing like there is no tomorrow and you suddenly can begin to understand why the fund is projected to be broke, by some estimations as early as 2014!

            Social Security doesn’t even make an appearance in the top ten things people are most concerned about when polled by the major news corps. Present political commercials  running here in Pennsylvania have Hillary talking about bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania; jobs that the new nine trillion dollar national debt will certainly have something to say about. Obama is assuring me that lobbyist and big oil are not funding his campaign. It almost implies that if elected he will be able to straighten these companies out; must be some kind of cruel April fools joke. Social Security only comes up in a debate; we will deal with it when and if we get elected. Not exactly a hot button topic.

             Bottom line, unless we make this an issue, you and I are about to become the new fall guy. Regardless of who gets elected they are already planning the commercials about us and I’m not talking about the fall lineup on ABC!

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