Time talking to white guys

           “ Psst..hey buddy. Have you seen any white guys around here?” “ Yeah, I think I saw one over there behind the mulch pile, shoveling.” “Thanks, those guys are hard to find.” Yeah, it’s election time and I guess it’s all about them here in Pennsylvania! Who da thunk!”

            Not to say I told you so, but here we go again. In what looks to be a precursor of the fall knock down run out and drag down, it appears the media is on the lookout for the ones they think are going to be the unknown voters in this upcoming primary; white guys! To be more specific, middle aged white guys. Ones that have jobs, grew up watching the evening news, Vietnam Vets, who like sports and have buddies.

             This is a skittish bunch. You had better be careful if you are a pollster. Need we remind you of New Hampshire?

             A group with certain likes and certain standards of course, but add Scotch Irish to the mix and its anyone’s guess which way they will go. They are not above telling you to mind your own business; but show some interest in their work and you might find yourself with a real chatty Kathy doll! I like this and I like that, well I don’t like what he did but she’s okay and I guess if I had to I could. You get the picture. And once you do gather all of that information and you think you got it all nailed down, don’t go off to Vegas and bet on it, they can change their minds.

            Not noted for a tendency to stick to this or that, because if something happens between now and November that  ticks them off or makes them feel they got lied to, their man/woman will find themselves without a constituency real fast!

            Why are they so hard to figure out? It should be a black and white issue; bad government versus changing government. Bush has been bad. Economy is in a recession. In Pennsylvania though you have a lot of have’s and have nots. Depends on who you talk too. Gas is high and everyone knows Bush is an oil man. So Bush should be out. But actually helping your buddies is a good thing and in some of their eyes he gets points for that kind of stuff.

            When people say McCain is a redo, for some this is BAD. For white guys, staying the course is often more of what they are looking for. Try polling that kind of logic!

(to be continued)

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