Time wooing the White guys

           Face it America, there are two types of biases in this country and no one group harbors more of those biases than White middle aged Males  The upcoming Pennsylvania primary regardless of how politically correct you want to be, will test just how enlightened the White Male here in Pennsylvania is. The November election even more!

            The election as we all know pits a Woman against an African American man with both being equally competent, experienced and capable of taking over the job of Presidency. It all boils down to the question; who do you like more?  And the answer to like puts us right back to ground zero for the two biases; race & gender.        

            In an age of political corrected ness, one would think any hint of either bias, in the process would be long gone. But what happens in the voting booth at least for now is still a private matter. For sure White Males do believe that anyone can become President. A fact most if asked will say is true as long as you add the caveat; have money and are lawyers!  

             White males, especially middle aged ones love the flag. They don’t necessary like government, but they are realist in the fact that they know they need someone in Washington that knows the ropes, and is competent enough to work with both parties. The present Administration has shown everyone what going it alone can do to the country and it isn’t pretty. McCain has a history of looking like he wants to work with both Parties. So do Clinton and Obama.  

            Yet even after they have chosen their candidate, will the White Males stick with the choice come the fall when the mud slinging and swift boat folks get into the foray?

            The one thing the Republican Party tried to do more than ever in this primary season was to come up with a candidate they could dub the newly resurrected Ronald Reagan. It didn’t happen and for a while all appeared to be lost until they got the second best thing; the word around town that the second coming of the Ronald Regan Democrats might be on the horizon. A what? Well, that’s a Democrat who doesn’t like what the Democratic Party is doing and is willing to switch sides to make a point. And if anyone likes to make a point; it is middle aged white guys. So the ultimate test for the Democratic candidate will be to get these fellas not to jump ship.

            So get ready. This vote in two weeks is going to be analyzed to death and the strength of the vote for whoever wins will be studied ad-nausea. Because come November it’s all going to fall back into the hands of them thar white guys again, but not just the ones here in Pennsylvania, but all across America!






One thought on “Time wooing the White guys

  1. My choice is simple; Hilary. My fear is not that an African-American may be elected as President but what could happen… There are too many crazy people in this world; people who won’t accept the equility of races. If Barack is elected and one of these crazy people decides to eliminate him; this country will be destroyed by race riots like nothing this world has ever seen before. IMHO

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