Time in a V-8 Juice commercial

            Ever feel like you are in a V-8 juice commercial? You reach for the Democratic candidate of your choice and someone smacks you in the head and goes; Wow you could have had a John McCain.

            You may be wondering that before too long. It seems despite the two party systems poorest efforts to supply us with candidates that are fairly separate in issues and ideas, we seem to be getting more of the same from both parties as of late. It’s just that one reads the page with rose colored glasses on and the other reads it like the papers on fire!

             The rose colored glasses gangs of course are the Republicans; who think the answer to ever problem is a tax cut and less government. McCain in looking for ways to cut your taxes anew by supporting making the Bush tax cuts permanent; lest he forget he voted against those tax cuts in the fist place. Lest we forget those tax cuts still in a large part benefit income brackets you and I will doubtfully ever see!!

             Today McCain announced in Pittsburgh his plan to stimulate the economy. Something he has been accused by both sides of being a tad weak on. In fact he has admitted it himself. Thank goodness our economy is in such great shape we can let things go in that department till he gets his feet wet!

            Oh yeah, his new tax plan; he plans on asking the government not to charge any federal taxes on gasoline sold from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. Total cost to the Governments bottom line about five billion dollars. Cut back on a few essential services the government provides and we shouldn’t have any problems at all. Who needs meat inspectors anyway?  

             As for the page on fire Democrats I would tell you what their plans are but right now they are too busy attacking each other. He thinks we are all bitter, and we are to a large part. Western Pennsylvanians have every right to be upset about the loss of the mills and the jobs they produced. But, we got over it. Had too; they chopped the mills up and sent them off to Japan for cheap steel a long time ago. No one around here is expecting them back anytime soon.

            Hillary on the other hand thinks she’s Annie Oakley all of a sudden. After years of putting forth a voting record against gun freedom that even a true Democrat would have trouble keeping a straight face over she is spouting off about her great gun heritage. Completely off message just to tout her ego against his mis-speak. Both these two need to start running campaigns to be President, not pissing contests against each other.

            Come to think of it wow, I could have had a …..     


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