Time dog paddling

           So since I have been thinking commercials this week, I must admit the first thing that came to mind after Wednesday nights debate was from an election day gone by. You Boomers will remember I am sure Mondale and Hart and the, “ Where’s the beef?” spot.

            Good ol Clara Pellers old Wendy’s Commercial. She wanted real meat and lots of it. I think lots of Pennsylvanians were looking for some substance in the debate last night as well. Like Clara we were left wanting.

            For sure, both of the candidates seemed well versed in what they had to say. Both spoke politely and seriously about each others efforts, but the bottom line and the only real thing anyone seemed to learn was that both of them intend to be Commander in Chief. Not shall we say, a  person looking for consensus. They both plan on exiting Iraq within a year or so, and will instruct their Commanders and Generals to get it done.

            The best lines came from Hillary who wished that the Republicans would just apologize for the last eight year and not run anyone against the Democrats. She also added that George Bush is the only President that ever took our country to war and didn’t expect to pay for it! Both comments receiving roars of applause from the audience. She spoke well, continuing her focus on her current opponent, and seemed willing to forgo any real talk about any real issues if the door was open to make a comment about him. She did say she would expect all Democrats to support him as she would if he won the nomination. He obligingly said the same of her.

            Barrack was cool and calm and exhibited the ease of a well trained lawyer when questioned time and time again about his latest mis-speaks and affiliations with radical preachers. He had a logical response for every question that made you feel, he was in control clear down to his association with a radical Weather man from the sixties. Reminding the questioners, how can I be held accountable for what this guy did, I was eight.

            This event went on for over an hour, it was only in the last few minutes they mentioned anything about their policies or what they would do if they were elected President. Truly fifteen months of campaigning and the best they could give the people of Pennsylvania was that a Democrat has to win!

            Well most of us knew that anyway. It sure would have been nice to hear a few points why!


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